The month is over.  With this post I managed to blog everyday for NoBloPoMo.  Granted there were much more important things going on in the world this month.  So much that has left me utterly sad.

With Paris, Beirut and last weeks Planned Parenthood shootings it feels a bit self indulgent to write about things like gardening, marathons and the new kitten.

Hoping for a brighter December.

Sunday Rocks

Today started with heading to the hardware store to pick up museum wax.  Now that the kitten has been here a week and has started climbing on things it became necessary to secure the pottery on the top of the bookshelf with some earthquake putty.

I the moved more rocks prior to the awesome SeaHawks game!  It was while I was out there shoveling that got me thinking.  This is not my first time I’ve used rocks as a design element.

While I was in a rental in the late 90’s I moved several yards of pea gravel into the yard to build pathways for the dogs and keep the mud down.  At my house in Washington I moved rocks and purchased rocks to build a path along the fence.  In fact the only reason I didn’t put gravel in the vegetable garden was the proximity to the pool and knowing some much would get kicked in or brought by raccoons that I decided against it.

Now this place has gravel paths all through the back yard and the front beds are now all dressed with gravel.  I love the depth it builds by putting the lighter color on the ground and highlights the stems and branches of plants that would usually just blend in with the ground.

I raked up fallen cedar needles until I filled the yard waste bin and then started spreading the gravel.  On Wednesday when the bin is emptied I’ll be able to refill it and finish that part of this gravel project.

Once the game started I came inside and watched the game, finished the laundry I started this morning and got it all folded and put away during time outs and such.

Then once the game was about over I grilled dinner outside!  Today rocks in so many ways!

gravel progress

It has been several weeks since we worked on moving any of the gravel we have stacked in the driveway.  Life is just crazy busy it seems or on the few days we have off, we have just been lazy.  It is all up for debate.

Today did start late, my alarm went off at 6:30 but I went right back to sleep.  I did wake up every 30-40 minutes but did not get out of bed until 10:00 a.m.  It was a grand lazy morning and almost twelve hours of sleep.

By the time breakfast was done and we got started outside it was near noon.  After three and a half hours Lori managed to eradicate the fire sticks on the side of the house.  I loaded gravel over there and got a good thick layer that will hopefully keep the water in and the weeds out.

I also got gravel around the Agaves in the front path way.  A lot of delicate moving so the leaves don’t break.  I also spread it in a few more areas.  We still need to trim out all of the sages and fill in around them and right down the middle strip of the yard which has some heavy growth and hard to get to.

After that the rest of the gravel is going under the Cedar tree.  Granted if you knew what the pile looked like this morning you would see the difference.  But there is still so much gravel there you really can’t tell any was moved today.

These photos were at the end of the day, so you can kind of see the huge pile of rocks we still have.

IMG_3034 IMG_3033 IMG_3032

Calli Cat

The kitten has started to come out of her shell.  She still is mewing at 3:00am every day waking us up. But she calms down pretty quickly with a little petting (once you find what she is behind.)

Lori has been able to scoop her up over the last few days and pet her.  Last night she even let me pet her.  Today I picked her up once and pet her for a little bit before she ran off.

She is exploring more and certainly playing.  We moved a cat tree over by the window and the curtains she was trying to climb.  She was playing with a toy we had tied to it.

I also tied one to a wooded spoon and hung it from the bookshelf.  One of he beds is right under it so tonight when she was crazed and dashing around I was able to get a few photos of her.

It has been less than a week, but it looking less bleak then the first few days when she wasn’t eating or coming out from behind the bookshelf.


Low-Key Turkey Day

We drove out to see the girls for Thanksgiving.  We made a few of the dishes, I made a salad and the deviled eggs the girls requested.  They made their favorites the green bean casserole and the baked yams.

The rest was expertly prepared and packaged by the deli at Sprouts.  All we had to do was load it up, drive it out and heat it up.  This made for a pretty low key day.  Not a lot of cooking, very little clean up but lots of sitting and visiting.

After dinner we watched a little football and then a movie (Pitch Perfect.)  It was cute and very formula but I liked all the music.  What I did realize is that I really, I mean really dislike HD tv.  I have seen a few things on their HD tv before and I’ve watched football on Leslie and Sam’s HD tv and I am not a fan.

I missed the rest of the family, friends and the loud usual Thanksgiving but this was actually a very sweet, low-key, and thankful day!


Holy Costco Crowd

I got home at 1am from work this morning.  However the day started only five or so hours after I went to bed as the garbage needed to be on the street prior to 7am.  (There is a long story involving our trash being down the street in another homes bin as to why we can’t put it out the night before)

After that I ran a few errands. I swung by the carwash on my way to  Sprouts where I picked up our pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  (Tomorrow will include driving, heating and visiting).  I swung into Trader Joes as well because Costco, my only other stop was not open until 10:00.  I arrived at Costco at 9:30 and this was the crowd waiting for the door to open.

I stayed in my car listening to an audio book for at least 30 minutes, well actually I spent 15 of it in-line for gas and then another 15 in the parking lot.

Granted with this crowd at the door waiting for it to open it took me another fifteen minutes to get in.  I only had a few things to pick up and it took me longer to get in the door then it did to get the items and get back out.

But I think I still beat the Thanksgiving crowd and was back home and unloading everything by 11 giving me nearly an hour before I had to start getting ready for work.

Luckily I will not need to go out to any store for the entire upcoming crazy shopping weekend!  If this is the pre-opening crowd I don’t even want to see what Black Friday would look like.


Moving On to Christmas

Lets just get that “warning” blog off the top and move on.  Granted all that I had to say on the war and it being a dire situation in the world is still true however the actual “warning” given to me my security has been dis-proved….

There you have it, I bought into the same propaganda.  Phooey.  I did try and check it out and this afternoon I see my error was including the date of the letter given me and not a more generic search to see this same thing was done years go.

So moving on the holidays.  I keep hearing Christmas carols and seeing Christmas displays.  There has even been a couple houses in the neighborhood that have decorated.  It does NOT feel like Christmas or heck even fall to me.

Today when I arrived at both jobs, low and behold there were Christmas trees in both offices all decorated.  When I drove into job one at 7:30 in the morning it was 53 degrees.  Then I was driving into the second job at 12:30 and it was over 80 degrees.

It is actually supposed to be cooler in the next few days.  However last week there was 35 degree difference between morning and afternoon.  53-87 making it difficult to dress for the day.

Boy oh boy do I know how spoiled I sound when in Washington there have been rain storms and cold weather and back east there have been threats of snow.  This is why the term coined by the new anchor “California Cold” makes me chuckle.

The fashion is currently sweaters and scarfs and tights with boots…..and mid day it is in the 80’s.  Go figure.  It does not stop the complaining of how cold it is in the morning or evening or for that matter how hot it is mid-day.

We are never happy except for those perfect 78 degree days.  Luckily we get a lot of them.