The “new normal” schedule

I will preface this blog with I LOVE a routine.  I am happiest in a routine.  I get more done in a routine.

The school year has started so has our “new” schedule.  Yes I said “our” no I’m not teaching and my schedule is technically the same, but it isn’t the same at all.  After seven years the one thing I have come to accept, acknowledge and adapt to is our ever changing routine.

We are currently back in class.  So every day is a different schedule.  Even small things change like I need to grocery shop differently.  I actually need fewer groceries, but also a different kind.  Breakfast is still the main meal cooked at our house since we both work nights.  But now even less “meal” food if you will is needed.  More meal prep, but a different kind.  Lori gets home at 10-11pm, sometimes she has already eaten, often not but only something lite at that hour is wanted.

On the face of it you wouldn’t think my schedule changes but it does.  Yes I still go to work at the same time.  But the mornings need to shift.  Every day has a different class schedule or meeting.  Which means a different departure time.  Which means a different breakfast time.  And since our time is limited I generally take every moment I can get.  We now have classes being taken and homework and writing to fit in as well.  So far this week its been light, but the 4am alarm to get up and “work” has started.

Today was a two class day (both teaching), so an earlier departure.  I made Lori breakfast and we caught up on the last few days.  It was too early for me to eat and I left for the gym at the same time she left.  But it got me there later then I like and a stop at Sprouts after for eggs, fruit, squash and cauliflower had me home closer to 11 a.m.  By the time I made my breakfast, put together dinner, made two quick phone calls it was time to get ready for work.

By the time we fall into this new routine and it starts to feel effortless, winter break will be here and it will all change again.  Just not as long as the Summer break.  School will then start at the end of January and that schedule will be similar to the current one, but not exactly. That brings us back to Summer where we have hours together every single day and it is divine.  More projects, more walks, less gym however.  I don’t seem to manage to get to the gym at all in the Summer.

My gym membership had ended last Winter.  It was during peak at work and I didn’t deal with finding a new one.  I pieced together yoga and walks through Spring but that even fell off come Summer.  I joined Planet Fitness at the end of July to get in on a deal.  I went for the membership that I can bring someone every time if I want.  It is still cheaper then the last membership I had.  There is no pool, but I never used it in any of the years I was a member before.

I hadn’t gone all month though, until school and the newest routine started.  Already this week I have gone a of couple days. The one thing I can say about the gym, any gym, is I love the gym.  I feel so perfectly at home at the gym.  I know everyone has that “place” where they feel at home.  The library (although that is a close second), a campus, the stage, the bar, the beach, the couch….. mine is defiantly the gym.  Just a couple workouts this week and I’m wondering how I let so much time go by.

Just another priority to fit into this Falls routine.  Life is beautifully packed and thankfully I go with the flow so much easier then my younger self.