Planting the hill

A little update and pictures.
We had to clear this hill at the new house because the old landscaper had trimmed some shrubs back so hard they didn’t make it.  To make sure the hill stays in tact we filled it up with three different species.  Portulacaria afra variegata and Aloe cameronii, 19 of each of those that my sister and I picked up from the nursery (Lori designed and put them on hold) also 5 Furcraea foetida that Lori luckily got from work.

All of the Aloe’s didn’t really fit with how much they will spread, so four of those we (my nieces and sister were helping) planted elsewhere.  I am hoping to to bring a little continuity to the yard.  The little old ladies that lived here clearly loved their garden.  But they have one each of forty-bajillion varieties in the yard.  It looks like a sample garden for a greenhouse.  Instead we are moving toward swaths of plants, trying to pair things that actually need the same watering needs together instead of drought tolerant in the middle of high water plants.

—oh I forgot to mention, it was 98 degrees!!!  Lori lucked out having to be in class last Saturday—