I send cards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, all kinds of cards.  (Technically I still write letters too)

We have received lots of cards this season.  This one from my dear friend Katherine cracked me up last night however, because of who she addressed it to…..


If you read/follow this blog at all you will know who all these characters are….oh so many cats.  If you don’t know who they are check out the Guide to the Cats  page at the top.

The card itself was also full of cats and a light up Christmas tree.IMG_3134

Christmas cards are the one tradition I keep going.  Long ago I used to throw Christmas parties and go to many Christmas parties, decorate the whole house and budget/save for months.  This year the big expenditure was the cards and postage.   So far we have sent out about 90 cards.  Its good to send and get so much joy in cards.


Sleepfull/less – ness

I mentioned last week we caught colds on Thanksgiving. Thank goodness me and colds are that 7-10 day span that Dr. Google say they last. I was done feeling puny at day 8, so Friday.

When I am sick and especially with this cold my system just wants to sleep. Couple that with a week that Lori was up and gone five out of six days early (as in before 7am) I slept in almost every day. Getting easily 9 if not 10 hours of sleep almost every day this week.

That is the SleepFULL part of this. That is until last night, Saturday night. I had slept in again Saturday morning as Lori was off to class about 7 and I managed to sleep until 9 or so. Feeling better then I had all week I did things like the laundry and went to three grocery stores.

But we still went to bed early, 9ish I think although I read for awhile I was probably asleep about 10. Getting three and a half hours of sleep before the time-share kitty wanted in.

Now usually I can hear her, wake up, go let her in and get right back to sleep. But this time as she came running from the window where she wakes me to the back door I could see she has a recently killed baby rat in her mouth. Recently killed because it was not stiff at all. I had to stop her from bringing the dead thing into my house.

She came in and realized she didn’t have it and wanted back out. I tried to pet her and get her to lie down but she kept pawing at the window and making so much noise after 15 minutes of this I got up and put her out.

But one of the ferals had taken her kill and she was pacing and meowing and by now I have been awake for 30 minutes. Have had just enough sleep that I’m not sleepy and having had so much sleep all week my brain/body/combo decides sleep is not necessary.

I tried to get to sleep until about 2;45 so just under an hour and then pulled out my i-pad and read some news. That was not at all calming and guiding me toward sleep so I launched the Ted app and watched Ted Talks. One of them I watched three times. I was thinking hey maybe this will put me to sleep since I just watched it, and then since I just watched it twice. But it did not.

I moved on to others and then to solitaire and around 6am tried to sleep and maybe dozed off briefly. But Lori got up to study and I was awake so heck we went to breakfast and were done and back home even before 8:00 a.m.

I thought for sure I would nap today. But that didn’t happen either. I have technically been up for 20 hours and am just glad I had so much sleep all week, although whatever advantage or extra sleep I had banked this week I can say is gone,

This can’t happen again tonight, I have a week long training at work and I cant do that on 3.5 hours of sleep, those days are long gone.

4 of 5

This is day 4 of 5 off in a row. We managed to go grocery shopping yesterday and today I did some weeding. Other then that its been a relaxing kind of time off. Some reading, some streaming and some sleeping and getting over colds.

I didn’t take the time off just to have a cold, but it has worked out that way. My colds generally follow the popular theory of a cold is 7-10 days. Since today is day 7 I figure mid week I am done! Mind over matter if I must.

Tomorrow we have some fun planned with family. Looking forward to that since I have been in the house so much this week.

In other 4 of 5 news…..we haven’t even gotten close to the new kitten. It is very very skittish. It reminds me of my first kitten ever when I was a kid. But this one I have been calling 4 of 5. Because the feral cat supposedly had 5 kittens. We took three to the shelter and then this one shows up right after. It camps out behind the big blue agave in the back yard, it it knows it is super thorny and it is protecting it.

Another Day

The stray kitty we named Lolita was DONE being in the house by Monday morning.  If she was being held or petted she could sit still.  Otherwise  she was on top of the air conditioner and trying to get out.

So we moved her bedding and food and box to the garage.

It has been raining, and I was fearful her incision would get wet.  But today while I was in the garage doing laundry she was in there.  I was able to pick her up and check her belly.  All seems to be healing up fine.

It has been raining.  We need the rain.  I shouldn’t complain about the rain.  I grew up in the rain.  But, I am glad for the reprieve we expect for the next few days.  It will be raining again just in time for the weekend.

Rain Rain Go away Come again…..



We picked up the stray cat on Saturday around noon. The discharge paperwork had a lot about keeping the cat resting and not a lot of movement or jumping.

=== This is a feral cat ===

It also mentioned keeping the wound dry. We are in the middle of what passes for winter in LA which includes rain since Friday and at least through Tuesday.

=== This is a feral cat ===

Since we picked her up on Saturday and it was down right pouring outside we put her into the office and closed our cat out. I went out and bought a liter tray and Lori stayed in there working all day. We texted back and forth bout things like dinner and how she wS doing.

By the end of the day she was just sleeping and seemed to feel safe. We have gone I. A couple times today to feed her, clean out the litter tray and check on her.

For now she is still in there. I want to keep her in for a few ,ore days, at least until the rain stops.

One thing we did realize was this will have to be a one cat at a time kind of thing. Granted with the rain we haven’t seen either of her kittens so maybe by the time she is healed enough to go out we can catch and do this all over. I just know with her being in the house for possibly a week. I am so glad I only caught her last Friday.

One down

Our intent was to “fix” all these feral cats while Lori was on break.  Giving us a month to get it done.  Done it did not get.

We managed to talk to a local vet.  Arrange where we could bring in the cats as we caught them and without appointments.

School started on Monday without any of them fixed.  By Thursday night Lolita was in heat.  She howled all night long, along with a NEW STRAY male cat who was on the hunt.  Lori went out around 3:00 a.m. with a broom to chase him off.

She wasn’t around during feeding this morning.  I went off to yoga and Lori to school.  When I got back I made a cup of coffee and was mid salad making for dinner when she came walking across the yard.

I had a banker box and a towel ready.  I find it easier than trying for the kennel box.  I set down the coffee, grabbed the towel, walked out and scooped her up.  Got her in the banker box, into the car.  Would have been easier with another set of hands to keep it closed.  But drove to the vet about a mile away.

It was noon when I scooped her up and 12:30 is when I usually get in the shower.  By the time I got the paperwork filled out and the procedure paid for and they took her my shower alarm was going off.  It was a whirlwind 40 minutes but she is there and by now has been spayed.

I can pick her up tomorrow, they are giving her a shot of antibiotics she we don’t have to try to pill her because that would be impossible.

In the mean time the newest stray (black in the back chair) I chased off at least four times today was hanging in the backyard when I left for work with two other boys.  I think this cat lives on the corner.  Hoping so, we really do not need another cat hanging around.


Lori mentioned maybe there is a Craig’s list ad:
Living on a budget and wanting to find paradise? Oasis for rent in spacious urban environment.  Several roommates so must get along.  Room and board free in exchange for sleeping on all the furniture and clawing all vegetation.  Toilet down the hall.  Cats and no smokers only.  Apply at night.


80% of the strays

I mentioned Lori is out-of-town.  So ALL of the cat duty has fallen on me.  I say that like there is a lot.

CeeCee, our actual indoor only, spoiled rotten cat:  This involves cleaning her box every day and feeding her.

Tiki, not our cat but comes in and eats at night and sleeps over, to leave in the morning for 16-18 hours before she turns back up:  This involves letting her in and out and putting down food.

Strays, there are four that are there every morning, a few spend most of the day on the property.  One never ever leaves although he also never comes near enough to touch him either:  This involves putting food out every morning, usually it is them climbing all over cat condo outside and on and off the water heater that wakes me up to feed them.

Today I got all four in one photo just after I fed them.