Farmers Market Sanity

Saturday morning I headed out to run a few errands.  Pick up and drop off dry cleaning.  Go to the post office, get gas and pick up eggs.

The store sanity was all in the news and the line at Costco before they even opened snaked through the parking lot to the street.  I did not even park.  Instead I drove to Trader Joes.  But got in to no eggs and seriously empty shelves.

So I went across to the farmers market.  Lori was in class so I strolled through the vendors alone and it was a breath of sanity in very strenuous times.

I picked up eggs, lovely radishes that I have been munching on all weekend and fresh strawberries.  I really only went for eggs but the atmosphere drew me in for more.  Listing to the steel drum band for a bit eased my soul.  It made me miss managing the farmers market in Renton and I need to remember this market is so close every Saturday morning.

A little bit of calm and sanity in my week.


It seems a little trite, is that the word, to blog about kittens or yard work or the fact that I was almost run off the road today.

This week has been so overwhelming.  Shootings.  Raids.  The horrors of social media.

I have joined a gym.  Its been months since my old membership expired.  Tomorrow I’m going to see if I can go in and work of some of this stress.