It’s Hot


Have I complained about the weather lately.  It’s friggen Hot.  Today was actually only mid ninety’s at our place.  But when I got in my car to go to work, the inside of the car was 107 and the pockets of my little plastic gym bag were melting together.

The three day weekend would have been a great time to do some yard work, but it was near 100 every day and that wasn’t gonna happen.

The yard was in really great shape, I was keeping up with the weeds and the last three weeks have been just to dang hot.  Once fall weather shows up in November guess I’ll catch back up.

For now, I’m just glad it will be low 90’s and upper 80’s for the weekend.  Those 10 degrees make a difference.


Summer weather means grilling

Our weather has been so hot.  Last week was near 100 every day so we finally cleaned the filters in our window AC units and turned them on.  Opening up the house every morning to get some fresh air through until 10:00 a.m or so when the outside is no longer cooler then the house.

We don’t have central air, but we have a very small 700 square foot house so a unit in the kitchen, one in the office and one in the bedroom means we can have them on for the room we are in or all three at once and they meet in the middle and cool it pretty quickly.

It also means just about everything I cook except breakfast has been on the grill.  Just this weekend was a chicken, sweet potatoes, salmon and spaghetti squash.  Thing is I think this is the absolute best way to cook that squash now.  Luckily LA means I can generally grill every day except the four days in February when it rains.

I’m kidding, it rains more than that…..I’m pretty sure.

Summer also means early morning weeding.  Because really after 10:00 a.m. there is just no use.  Sunday morning I had to be up for work at 6:15 to turn to the next shift.  I had left my work clothes out and went outside and weeded for several hours before it was just too darn hot.  I also had to be back on line for work at 2:30 and that ended up being pretty much a full shift.  I was so glad I got something done in the morning.

Oh and there is yet another kitten.  My brother just took the three ferals to the shelter for us and one we had never seen before shows up.  My theory is that with all four nursing the momma was producing milk, once it was down to just this one she stopped so it had to come for kibble.  It is super skittish.  I can’t even get close.  I tried with treats and a rope toy and went around the shed back and forth it would dash the other way.  I’m sure it was quite comical.  Either way, we now need to catch this one and hope the mysterious 5th kitten never shows up.



Another Day

The stray kitty we named Lolita was DONE being in the house by Monday morning.  If she was being held or petted she could sit still.  Otherwise  she was on top of the air conditioner and trying to get out.

So we moved her bedding and food and box to the garage.

It has been raining, and I was fearful her incision would get wet.  But today while I was in the garage doing laundry she was in there.  I was able to pick her up and check her belly.  All seems to be healing up fine.

It has been raining.  We need the rain.  I shouldn’t complain about the rain.  I grew up in the rain.  But, I am glad for the reprieve we expect for the next few days.  It will be raining again just in time for the weekend.

Rain Rain Go away Come again…..


Feeling Oblivious

There comes a little distance to weather when you live in Southern California.  Yes we had some rain in January and there is more in the upcoming forecast.  But its been perfect and warm and I’m not even going to say any more.

Because the only reason I know that there is some polar vortex happening is we have had to cover for the Central region this week because of the weather.  But tonight when we had to cover even more sites I looked into it and OH MY GOD, the wind chill has MN to 70 degrees below 0.  How do…What happens…Oh My God.

I read the news, some kind of news nearly every day.  Granted this weekend was busy with “things” and I brought my Sunday paper to work to read during the week.  But I have on-line papers I read and  I have seen a few headlines but admit I’ve focused more on the political shit show and not the weather.

Stay warm out there folks.  I fear for the homeless and for animals out in the weather.  Our Chicago and Denver offices are closed and we are getting word about covering for New York tomorrow.


Rain Rain Rain

Tomorrow should be sunny and 70 degrees.  No more rain in the 10 day forecast!

Today however was rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  Flooded streets.  Our back yard flooded.  The feral cats are hiding out in the garage, soaking wet.  It started last night and rained straight through the night.

Today while walking from the parking lot to the gym, my shoes were soaked to my socks and I was moving fast and jumping over the biggest puddles.  I could wring out sleeves in the few moments it took to get out of the rain.

I ended up leaving for work an entire hour early.  I would have worked from home if I didn’t have to pick up the on-call telephone for this weekend.  But the extra allowed me to drive at a reasonable rate and not rush.  I actually was to work very early but at least I wasn’t like the poor schmuck who was tired of the slow pace and tried to go around us in the flooded left lane and stalled out in the water.  He raced passed me and others, splashing water all over us.  Then we trucked by him slowly stalled out in the water but at least we were still moving.

Being from Seattle I know how to drive in the rain.  Slow down, and not just your speed.  Your steering, your acceleration, your braking, your reaction.  Just slow down.  Now that doesn’t help you when someone else is an idiot and stalls out on the 10 freeway.