What day is it?

Seriously.  Wednesday? Yeah I took the garbage out to be picked up and that happens on Wednesdays.

Same ole stuff going on around here:

  1. Still working from home
  2. Still Thankful that I get to work from home
  3. Covid numbers increasing by nearly 3,000 a day in California
  4. Still having our groceries delivered
  5. Still staying home 98% of the time.
  6. I did wash the very filthy cars today since the carwash is now open (with masks)
  7. I also stopped at Starbucks for tea and told off a woman who wouldn’t stay away and kept taking off her mask to talk to the server.  (it does no good to remove it to talk)
  8. Art class still happening on Mondays, goes through June
  9. I drew nothing however last week
  10. I also didn’t get any weeding done
  11. Or anything else for that matter
  12. Did I mention it is friggen HOT and
  13. we are still working from home with our little window unit.

IMG_4783 (1)



Midnight Randonmess

Here I am, it is almost midnight. I just got off work and it was a stressful shift full of print and press problems.

Although there are a lot of people working from home, my work is still on a shift. I really don’t even leave my desk for the 8 hour shift and I then turn all of my work to people who take over for third shift.

Friends who I’ve talked to who are also working from home have much less structure then this. I am glad for the work structure, because the other 16 hours a day reads like it structured and although it seems like plenty of time to do all the other things around here, I’m not getting those things done.

The lack of structure in the other 16 hours (well 8 if I’m sleeping for 8) is kind of mind boggling. I have laundry, cleaning, cooking, yard work and those things just never seem to end. Granted I’m glad to have them especially right now but monotony is creeping in.

I have been going on some walks and today broke out the yoga mat to try and get some stretching in. Here is a really strange thing. Although I love the gym (even though I currently don’t have a membership) I really suck at working out at home.

We have videos, we have mats and resistance bands, a peddler and oh so many books. What we don’t have is the motivation, or any sense of how to or desire to do this at home. We tried some salsa dancing a few weeks ago and with this small living room and our lack of skill was pretty darn hilarious.

I guess its time to go to bed, especially if I want to walk tomorrow. It’s going to be near 100 degrees so I’ll want to get that in early.

Spring day/Winter storm

Last weekend the weather was like a beautiful Spring day.  It was upper 60’s, sunny and the ground was soft enough from recent rains to make digging easy.

We dug up and moved some plants to make room to widen some pavers down the side yard, adding seven pavers to widen the side access path.   We also widened the brick path to the door.

The rain started Wednesday, taking any faux Spring kind of vibe away.  It was raining so hard it soaked the back door from top to bottom under a three foot deep portch eve.  We have about a one week repreve from more rain so hopefully this weekend we can end the year doing some weeding.

IMG_3155 IMG_3156IMG_3157IMG_3159


Rain is a coming

Or so says our weather report.  Wednesday and Thursday this week, (Thanksgiving, should make road travel interesting) and then again next Tuesday.

Guess we can say that fall is really here, we have even turned on the heater.  Bring on the rain and the weeds.  Since last weeks one day of rain there are fresh weeds popping up everywhere.

This will hopefully be the beginning of a very wet Winter.  Since So. Cal. is not used to the rain it really makes a mess of the commute but we really need the rain.  There is another fire burning in Santa Barbara and everything could use several months of rain.

The weeds will keep coming, but it will be worth it.