Keto Brownies

I make cupcakes for each of my co-workers birthdays.  Well there are two birthdays between this weekend and next Wednesday.  So today instead of making my friend “C” cupcakes I made her Keto Brownies because she has been on Keto for several months now.

This recipe I got off the internet so I have no claims to it and in fact give credit to Elana Amsterdam. 

So zero flour and zero sugar!  Nice and moist.  I think I will mix walnuts mixed in prior to baking next time.


She was thrilled!

New Years Eve

I have long had a new years eve theory that what you are doing on new years eve is what you will be doing for the year.  So I usually put some effort and thought into what I am doing on new years eve.  I mean I really do love cleaning house, but this is not the day I scrubbing the toilet.

This year before work was filled with Lori, errands and projects at the house.

Then I had to work, this is actually a good thing considering I was unsure I would have a job when the company merged in August.  It would have been nice to be able to work from home that day, as a look into the year but that didn’t happen. My co-worker was on vacation so I worked alone.  (I like that.) I was also quite busy, but with a personal project actually as it’s a slow week for work.

Traffic was not bad (good omen) and I got home in 40 minutes with still 20 minutes of the old year to spend with Lori.

The neighbor had a huge party, not a surprise as this is a monthly occurrence.  The music was pretty good, some Prince, Tone Loc, Michael Jackson, Salt & Pepper, George Michael.  I laid and bed and listened because there wasn’t any fighting it.

Working, errands, projects, Lori and music.  Sounds like a good upcoming year.

New years day I was up early to take work back from 3rd shift as I was on call for the holiday.  No actual work but I spent the day at home and made us a great veggie focused breakfast and my usual black-eyed peas, collard greens and cornbread for lunch.  Since new years day is my brother’s birthday we took him to dinner in the evening.

More good things: home, cooking and family to add to the upcoming year.





On this second day, very relaxing day of the year we ended up watching the kids baking championship.  These 8-12 year olds that some can barely see over their counter, others munching on more of what they bake then they end up having to serve.  There was a PB&J wrench thrown in the middle of the challenge and they had to come up with a third item that included PB&J in the time they had left.

I made the comment that they were making me want to bake. I hadn’t made my peanut butter cookies in quite a few years.  But since I used to make them almost every week for the farmers market it came back quickly.

Now what do we do with 3.5 dozen peanut butter and peanut butter and jelly cookies.  After a couple we were done.  Guess we’ll be taking some to friends or freezing them.

These kids are amazing and such better bakers then I am.  I know with experience and increased problem solving skills they will be amazing.  At that age, I had zero idea of what I wanted to do as a grown up.  The closest I came to these kids is I did have own chocolate chip cookie recipe with my “secret” ingredient.  My not wanting to tell anyone ensured I “got” to bake them all the time.

Wheat free Oatmeal Cookies

schreeeaacccch……  That is me sliding mah soap box back under the table.  I will talk about the non-wheat thing another time.  And by another time, I may mean the other blog, someday, even though it is bound to spill out here as well.

However, today I baked cookies without flour.  The recipe I found could use some tweaking perhaps less butter so they don’t spread out as far.  More spice the recipe called for absolutely none and I added cloves and cinnamon anyway I think they could use more.

I took 2 of the 3 cups of oats and ground them into oat flour, adding the rest of the oats in and then proceeding.  It was pretty darn easy.  I don’t have all of the baking gear here so it took longer than usual but hey, I had all day.

They spread out pretty far, again I think the recipe has too much butter, I had to let them cool before removing them from the cookie sheet.  Even after that they are still pretty fragile and when stacked broke apart.  But they are yummy.

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