On this second day, very relaxing day of the year we ended up watching the kids baking championship.  These 8-12 year olds that some can barely see over their counter, others munching on more of what they bake then they end up having to serve.  There was a PB&J wrench thrown in the middle of the challenge and they had to come up with a third item that included PB&J in the time they had left.

I made the comment that they were making me want to bake. I hadn’t made my peanut butter cookies in quite a few years.  But since I used to make them almost every week for the farmers market it came back quickly.

Now what do we do with 3.5 dozen peanut butter and peanut butter and jelly cookies.  After a couple we were done.  Guess we’ll be taking some to friends or freezing them.

These kids are amazing and such better bakers then I am.  I know with experience and increased problem solving skills they will be amazing.  At that age, I had zero idea of what I wanted to do as a grown up.  The closest I came to these kids is I did have own chocolate chip cookie recipe with my “secret” ingredient.  My not wanting to tell anyone ensured I “got” to bake them all the time.

Wheat free Oatmeal Cookies

schreeeaacccch……  That is me sliding mah soap box back under the table.  I will talk about the non-wheat thing another time.  And by another time, I may mean the other blog, someday, even though it is bound to spill out here as well.

However, today I baked cookies without flour.  The recipe I found could use some tweaking perhaps less butter so they don’t spread out as far.  More spice the recipe called for absolutely none and I added cloves and cinnamon anyway I think they could use more.

I took 2 of the 3 cups of oats and ground them into oat flour, adding the rest of the oats in and then proceeding.  It was pretty darn easy.  I don’t have all of the baking gear here so it took longer than usual but hey, I had all day.

They spread out pretty far, again I think the recipe has too much butter, I had to let them cool before removing them from the cookie sheet.  Even after that they are still pretty fragile and when stacked broke apart.  But they are yummy.

photo(79) photo(80) photo(81) photo(83)

Evening of baking

Two orders last night, a lemon cake and three dozen of the outrageous oatmeal cookies…..except

Not really that outrageous, after four conversations with the customer who first called to let me know that she had misplaced my card and prayed that she would find it, found it in her hutch.  (By the way when I delivered them to her little cottage, she showed me 1) the hutch and 2) exactly what bowl in the hutch she found it in)

The second and third calls had more to do with the cookies themselves and the two dozen order, but not the cayenne pepper, although the spicy pecans were ok, oh and all raisins, not the other things I put in there….but the pecans were good.  Then a call back to say although she ordered 2 dozen, could I just make them smaller and make 36 cookies out of the batter for 24 cookies.

Needless to say, I am so very glad that the order is complete, delivered and paid for.

Also a cute lemon cake, that was fun and easy except for the trashing of my kitchen which was beyond a mess.

Pillsbury Bake Off

Well the results are in and I did NOT make the cut on my entry last year.

Bummed, but hey I read over the other 100 entries and I clearly did not use enough of the pre=made Pillsbury and Crisco products.

I got an application sent to me for the next contest.  I don’t think I’ll enter Outrageous Oatmeal Cookie again….although it was fun telling people at the market all Summer that it was entered.


Its been a whirlwind 36 hours since I got home from my weekend in Sacramento.  After flying in yesterday morning I went straight into work.  Had a busy day then came home to bake a cookie order.  Another busy day today and tonight I worked on flowers for the wedding order this coming weekend.  Tomorrow includes more of the same, but with cocktails thrown in tomorrow night with Stephanie.

Rainy Market

Yesterday at the market was insane.  Insane with rain that is.

I got there with all of my gear and baked goods and it actually wasn’t raining.  Got the canopy up and everything unloaded and a good hour in before the rain started.  But when the rain started, it. did. not. stop.  Our canopy was leaking on all the seams, dripping on the sheet pans.  Dripping on us.  I got completely drenched trying to get the pooling water off of the canopy.

We also didn’t have our usual spot or power.  Which wasn’t so bad considering electricity and torrential downpours do not really meld for me.  It also meant we couldn’t heat up the corn muffins to warm people up in the rain.

But that really didn’t matter as there were very few customers in the middle of the day.  At one point, the only people I could see were the vendors huddled and moving gear in towards the middle of their spaces.

There were some highlights.  Our favorite little customer walked up and when it registered it was us she said “you’re in a different spot”  she is 2.5.  They were almost back to the car when the music started up (before the rest of the “band” got there) and she wanted to dance.  So back they came.  The mom stood under our canopy, squished in with us and the pulled in tables and dampening cookies.  Vivian joined in with her after a while.

More band members came later.  I wish I could say “at least we had music” but not so much.  It was loud, and bad, and loud.  When we did have customers it was hard to hear what they wanted.

I didn’t lose money, as in I was able to pay the stall fee and cover ingredients but that was about it.  I do have a bunch of baked goods here that the family and guests are consuming so at least there is that.

However, I gave a bunch of baked goods to the manager of Aunt Irene’s cafe.  She was very impressed and said “I’ll be calling.”  I almost didn’t go over.  They also had mini cupcakes there, at the same price of 50 cents each.  They were from Baby Cakes NorthWest.  Yep, that’s the place on Marine View Drive that has the similar name to me.  They did have a sign and the NW in red letters so it was clear.  But still. I was not happy since so many of my customers have gone in there and they hadn’t done that size in the past.  Oh well, mine are better and hey even if they carry their cupcakes they may be carrying my savory muffins.

Next weekend I am baking cupcakes as a donation.  There is going to be a booth there as a fund-raiser for a double lung transplant.  The cupcakes I’ll just write off, my product will still be there for those people who come every week for cupcakes but I wont have to be there.

The other highlight was Charla braved the elements and the people and came to visit.  So did Della and Dale.  It was a good, albeit wet day at the market.

Nature vs. Nurture

My brother Dale and his dog Spyder rolled into town earlier this week. 

We met Dale fifteen years ago and previously had only seen him for that one visit.  This visit is easier.  This visit seems so natural and comfortable.  Like we have always known him.  Like we have picked up from a place that never even existed,  its familiar and I am loving it.  The time between the first meeting and this visit a lot of desires/hopes/expectations have been dropped and we are all older wiser.

It is very interesting to sit and talk to him and see similarities in our behaviors and likes/dislikes in life.  Oh and humor.  The same sick, twisted, we find ourselves hilarious sense of humor.  He uses some of my jokes however, or I am using his.  This alone cracks us up. 

The house is full these days and Dale is staying on an air mattress in my craft room.  Earlier in the week there were six dogs and five grown adults.  The poodles went home yesterday and Sophie went home today so the dog count is down to three.

It really is a community feeling around here.  I made a big dinner last night before baking cookies.  Putting quinoa in the rice cooker then Dale and I headed out with the dogs for a walk.  After dinner it was just a hang together in your own space chatting kind of night.

Della was playing a game on her laptop and watching TV.  I was doing laundry, baking cookies,  watching TV and playing on the internet.  Dale was watching a show on his computer with Spyder in his lap.  The girls having had a rough day went to bed early. 

Dale is leaving on Monday and I see lots more of the same type of hanging out for this weekend.  I do have the market, game night and a new yoga class thrown in for fun. 

Here is a bad picture from last night, but I will follow-up with more later.  His uncanny likeness to our grandfather is striking.