I needed a laugh

mostly because the world is so sad…

I logged into Amazon and read Ivanka Trump Boot reviews.



Go Hawks 

I am surrounded at work by Raiders and Ram fans!   

So of course I had to represent my Seahawks!

I put up this lovely streamer on my desk (not visible to clients).  If you peek between the monitors you’ll see the bright colors of the M&M dispenser.  The  blue, green and white are actually Seahawk logo’s printed on them. 

Now when my Raider fans stop by for treats I make them say “Go Hawks”.  

The shelf is also conviently out of my reach, even though it’s on my desk.

Silly Things

I am fighting and beating a cold.  It showed up a little on Monday and is pretty much gone but I have consumed several gallons of tea this week.  I’ve also slept a lot and spent a little ok hours surfing on my iPad.  What does one do when they find funny things and there is no one around to torture them by making them watch…..  They post them here to torture you.  You do understand you now have to watch to fulfill my torture cycle!


Trickery, that is what we call it.  When Lori sneaks up on me and scares me.  Sometimes on accident, but a lot of times on purpose.

It is a small house, you would think I would know she is coming.  Clearly I am oblivious to my surroundings.

Well this weekend we were at the desert house and I was inside scrubbing a shower and she was supposedly outside working. This particular shower has a broken handle to turn the water on which made it a bit challenging, however I am pretty handy so I was using my empty thirty ounce tea cup from Starbucks.

Just as I am filling it from the sink and turning to cross over to the shower trickery arrives and startles me on purpose.  After getting the desired jump and scream, it took about 4 seconds before she was wearing that entire thirty ounces of water.

Take that Trickery!

Just call me Alex*

Getting ready for work this morning I was saying bye to Lori and making my oatmeal.

I started to put on my makeup when I remembered the oatmeal and went and turned it off.  I Ate breakfast while making my lunch.  Cleaned up the dishes and off to work I went.

It is almost noon and I just went to the bathroom for the first time (its been busy).  I only had  mascara on one eye!!!!!!!

I don’t have any with me.  Heck it was time to buy new anyway, I guess I’ll be going to the drug store at lunch.

*Not the psycho part from clockwork orange, just the one eye makeup part.
(On second thought just call me spacey.)

Fashion Saucer

I am not a follower of fashion.  I have never had a physique that fashion is designed for (read fat) and I am not always fond of the current fashion.  There are certain parts of the 70’s ad 80’s that do not need to be repeated.

There are also “rules” out there, do not ask me who wrote them but we have all heard them….
Your shoes and bag should match……ha ha ha ha ha
Black should not be worn with brown or navy…….well I fail at this every winter.
Never wear red if you’re a redhead…..why the heck not.
Never wear tights with open-toed shoes…..gotta admit I kinda agree with this one.
And the one I ignored today….Never wear white after labor day.

There are several reasons I wore white capris today.  1) They are already two sizes to large and I need to get rid of them, this was the last wearing of a cute pair of capris I got in London last time I was there.  2) It was 78 degrees today, 78 degrees, enough said.  3) I have very cute new shoes purchased on clearance last week and what better way to show them off.


This mornings blog brought to you by the letter “F” 

It’s a “F”resh new day, its “F”ive a.m.  I “F”orgot to press auto on the coffee maker last night so I’m waiting for the brewing to “F”inish.

I should be heading out to walk Missy but its eFin cold out there, and dark and I don’t wanna.

I had a “Fun” yoga class last night, actually not fun but good.  It is Intro to yoga so lots of explanation of each pose while we practice which just leaves us in the poses longer than usual.  This morning my hip sockets  hurt, as does my lower back.  Yet another reason I should go walk Missy.

 Instead I’m going to put that off until tonight, along with any actual blogging that makes sense. 

Coffee on!

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