I needed a laugh

mostly because the world is so sad…

I logged into Amazon and read Ivanka Trump Boot reviews.



Go Hawks 

I am surrounded at work by Raiders and Ram fans!   

So of course I had to represent my Seahawks!

I put up this lovely streamer on my desk (not visible to clients).  If you peek between the monitors you’ll see the bright colors of the M&M dispenser.  The  blue, green and white are actually Seahawk logo’s printed on them. 

Now when my Raider fans stop by for treats I make them say “Go Hawks”.  

The shelf is also conviently out of my reach, even though it’s on my desk.

Silly Things

I am fighting and beating a cold.  It showed up a little on Monday and is pretty much gone but I have consumed several gallons of tea this week.  I’ve also slept a lot and spent a little ok hours surfing on my iPad.  What does one do when they find funny things and there is no one around to torture them by making them watch…..  They post them here to torture you.  You do understand you now have to watch to fulfill my torture cycle!


Trickery, that is what we call it.  When Lori sneaks up on me and scares me.  Sometimes on accident, but a lot of times on purpose.

It is a small house, you would think I would know she is coming.  Clearly I am oblivious to my surroundings.

Well this weekend we were at the desert house and I was inside scrubbing a shower and she was supposedly outside working. This particular shower has a broken handle to turn the water on which made it a bit challenging, however I am pretty handy so I was using my empty thirty ounce tea cup from Starbucks.

Just as I am filling it from the sink and turning to cross over to the shower trickery arrives and startles me on purpose.  After getting the desired jump and scream, it took about 4 seconds before she was wearing that entire thirty ounces of water.

Take that Trickery!