Figuring out a new routine

It was HOT here this weekend.  Today is blissfully down to 80 but Saturday it was almost 100 degrees.  During this early for the year heat wave I was also suffering from a major headache.  So Saturday when it was so hot I did laundry and changed the bedding and that is about all.  There was a lot of sitting still trying to stay cool.

Sunday morning we went for a walk at 6:30 in the morning.  Getting a couple miles in and still home before 7:15.  I then headed out in the yard and did about 2 hours of weeding before it was just to dang hot out there.  But I managed to get quite a bit done.

I then cleaned the filters in our window air units and fired the one up in the kitchen, kept the doors and curtains closed and read the entire paper and watched tv for a good part of the day.

I really did love that early morning walk and should have done that again this morning.  I had booked a virtual yoga class as our yoga studio is trying to give classes remotely.  I set up both of our yoga mats and Lori worked on her class work up until 9:00 and came out and joined me for some much needed yoga.


We are going to get more yoga added into our schedule because we both feel so much better when we do! (Did that sound convincing) So here is the real question. What is my problem with motivation at home?  Why am I willing to wait around for a class to start at a specific time given by one of the people from our studio?  Or when we are not in lock-down state of being, drive 30 minutes to the studio for the class and then back.  I own yoga DVD’s, I have a prime account and can stream yoga right in this very spot.  It’s ridiculous.

Since things are going to take a long time to get back to normal, if “normal” is even a thing anymore.  I am going have to power through this hurdle and figure this “at home” work out thing.  Because I feel so much better with the movement.

A little more room

We have a pretty small house.  It happens to work ok for us in our cozy 740 square feet.  Both of us being home ALL the time right now and both of us working full time from home we ended up moving one of the couches in the living room.  Changing its direction by 45degrees.  This may be a little crowded in one corner but it does allow for two yoga mats in the living room so we can do some isolation yoga.

We tried a little salsa dancing video a few days ago and it was hilarious in both our ability and the amount of room we were working in.


This also gave us something different to do in our VERY rainy week.  I don’t know if you can tell when I pan over to the street that it is flooded.




New Week, New Outlook, New Start

Last week was rather sucky.  I was stuck in my head, swirling thoughts of uselessness, a circular firing squad of feeling worthless, doing nothing and then feeling worthless about it.

Sunday we managed to get to yoga which really worked to get me out of my head.  70 minutes on my mat, focused only on breathing and the mat.  The rest of Sunday was low key and then a lovely sushi dinner with my brother.

That set me up for a much better Monday and start to the week.  I had an errand to run in Downey, to also fit in a work out I looked up the closest gym and went to a new gym.

I started on the bike to warm up my knee prior to moving to the elliptical or treadmill.  Only to have a guy named Javier Santana sit down next to me and start talking.  I just don’t have it in me on any day to just put my headphones in or not respond.  So I sat on my bike and had a 25 minute conversation with him before getting up and moving to the weight room.

Javier is 54 (same as me) although he will be 55 in October.  He was fired for talking to much to his co-workers, essentially taking them away from their work.  Perhaps for swearing too much as well.  He has some investments working so passive income but should be selling insurance soon, as soon as he has his license, mid month he hopes.  His girlfriend works graveyard. His team is the Rams.  He doesn’t like peoples excuses for not working out and we agreed on exercise being a necessity (for health and longevity).  Javier talked a lot in 25 minutes.  He flexed his muscles for me and clearly made overtures that he thought I was looking good (you know, for my age).

Needless to say, I probably wont be back in that neighborhood to that gym anytime soon.  But it was quite amusing as I relayed the story to Lori when I got back from the gym.  And I already have as many workouts in as last week!

Thursday Yoga

I made it to yoga today.  Thought I was going to be late actually, but I got there with ten minutes to spare.  (For me that is technically right on time but feels late).

There ended up being four more people who joined the class but I was the first one there and took this picture while storing my stuff in the cubbies at the back of the room.  I just liked the “view” it started the day off peacefully and focused on breathing.