Thursday Yoga

I made it to yoga today.  Thought I was going to be late actually, but I got there with ten minutes to spare.  (For me that is technically right on time but feels late).

There ended up being four more people who joined the class but I was the first one there and took this picture while storing my stuff in the cubbies at the back of the room.  I just liked the “view” it started the day off peacefully and focused on breathing.


Lessons from my mat

Yoga has been more regular in my life lately since my gym membership expired.

Yesterday I had a new yogi (new to me), and she really kept me focused on my breathing.  It was a simple instruction at the beginning of the session that did it.

I generally have trouble breathing with the movements because my lungs fill or empty well before the move or transition needs to happen.  She told us to constrict the back of our throat so that it takes longer to get the breathe in or out.  Voila I was able to keep my breath slow enough to time it with the change or exertions.

Funny how a little thing that I didn’t know changed the whole practice yesterday.

The other lesson from my mat was one I have had before and often refer back to.  Just yesterday it was timely to say the least.  That lesson is discomfort.  When your holding a pose and something is uncomfortable, to just breathe through it.  No need to move or change, that ankle bone pressed into the floor is uncomfortable, but it will end.  Staying with the breath and just knowing that things in life are uncomfortable.

I have in the past used this while having a hot flash, or sitting through a meeting (or movie) in an uncomfortable chair but yesterday the lesson was timely.  Just getting through the work shift was uncomfortable.  We are migrating onto a new system at work and it is not smooth.  Not everyone is on it yet so we have multiple systems working.  People I work with were so very frustrated yesterday.  Complaining, exclaiming and so frustrated, I just kept breathing and keeping to myself.  I got all my work done and felt very peaceful when all was said and done.


Whimsy and Yoga

The weekend started with ZERO plans.  Nothing on the agenda.  Nothing that “had” to get done.  Now that doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty to do like always but there was absolutely nothing on the calendar.  It also doesn’t mean that we didn’t manage to stuff it full.

Saturday we slept in, then went on to fill the day.  We spent the day running small errands.  The Quarry, the bank and the nursery (more like five nursery’s).  We were looking for “whimsy” for the back yard.  We looked for pottery lizards to hang on the wall.  We found some at one nursery but didn’t like the selection.  Then another nursery had beautiful pieces but the prices were not going to work.  We slid into the last nursery at 5:10 and they closed at 5:30.  Luckily we knew right were they carried them and there were a bunch on clearance.

We will probably add to this over time but got a great deal and fun assortment.  We ended up with frogs, gecko’s and lizards.

IMG_2574 IMG_2576

Today we were up early.  I got the newest plants watered in my 1 hour window that we had left in our allotment and then we headed to Anaheim for Yoga.  We very well may have found a new yoga studio.  We were not sure about the location, heading into Anaheim is always iffy because of the Disney traffic but this actually only took us 20 minutes to get there.   The studio was small but very sweet and the 90 minute class was rated a 1-2.  It was probably the most advanced class I have ever had.  I was wobbly and sweaty when we were done and we ended up buying the 20-day for 20 bucks package.  If we make the next two Sunday’s that fall into the 20 days that will be less than $7 a class.

We went for breakfast next door and I am not usually one to photograph my restaurant food but these breakfast taco’s were beautiful and actually tasted even better.


Home from the Yoga

The week away is now complete.  It started by driving to Big Bear and needing to go around the back way because of the San Bernardino Lake Fire.  There was a worry that the retreat wouldn’t happen but even though the fire was near by it wasn’t near enough to disturb the retreat.  Sadly now that we are home and have news and internet it has tripled in size now at over 20,000 acres and only 30% contained.

The retreat was good.  Not exactly what I was expecting but all still good, just in different ways.  There was not as much yoga as I had expected but still with a couple of sessions a day it was actually enough.  There were a lot of other workshops that I didn’t think I would be interested in but the actual connections with others at the retreat made them worth it.

On Monday we then headed to Palm Springs to a nice spa there.  The three days there included reading, hanging out in the room reading during the “high” of the day of 113 degrees.  Sitting by the pool….reading.  Getting in to cool off and then, yep reading some more.  There was also an hour long massage that was awesome and some yummy food.

We came home today with a brief stop off to visit the nieces.  Then home, back to the reality of Charleston and growing fires and 500 work emails.  With a three day weekend still on the agenda I am currently grilling stuff I had in the freezer.  Tomorrow will be yard work, laundry and grocery shopping.  It is a nice cool 95 which actually feels cool after being in Palm Springs.

IMG_2524  IMG_2526imagejpeg_0(3)IMG_0258