Four day weekend and sprained thumb

I took a four day weekend last week.  There was a ton of stuff on the to do list with it being the last weekend before school.  Along with stuff to do around the house and studio to set up for drafting class in the garage, we also saw family!!!

Thursday we drove to Laguna Niguel where family just bought a new condo and we have not seem them in months.  With no one going to work or any where really we felt pretty safe.  We still didn’t hug or anything but we did get to tour the new place and ordered from from Door Dash so we ate food that we did not cook for the first time in a long time!

The trip down, visit and trip back was only a few hours but after not socializing for so long it was actually quite taxing.  Something I think is a side effect of this Covid.  I feel less and less social and more and more isolated all the time and am actually getting quite comfortable in the isolation.  I think both exhausted we were in bed at 8:00 pm.

Friday Lori had a full day of Zoom meetings for flex day as school.  I started to dig in the support beams in the back yard but only got an hour in, it was 9:00 a.m. and well over 90 degrees so that ended.  To get out of the way at home and see the girls I drove out to  see the family and it has been months since I’ve seen them.  Everyone has been home for the most part and it was worth the (low) risk just to get some time with them.

I played with Coral nearly the entire time, I was exhausted when we were done.  We played slime, barbies, kitchen, name the dinosaurs, horses (the plastic kind), hide and seek, keep away (with a jump rope), limbo (same jump rope), ball kicking, several other things and horsey where she rode around on my back.  This is where the sprained thumb came in.  As she started to slide off, I adjusted to try and catch her with my arm bent my thumb backward, then her 50lb self landed on my extended elbow driving my arm into my already bent back thumb.

That ended that game and I iced the thumb.  It was really swollen on Saturday and I ventured out (AGAIN) 3rd day in a row.  I made a trip to target to get a brace for my thumb and since I was there bought two containers of laundry detergent, four tubes of toothpaste, floor cleaner, the thumb brace and stocked up so it can be another 6 months before I need to go back.

For a four day weekend that had two family trips and chores with a gimpy thumb it was over in a blink.  Luckily I have a three day weekend coming up this week too.


Day 120

Time for a project.


Today is day 120 at the house.  Luckily I am still working from home and this week work has been crazy busy.  This coming weekend is my on-call weekend but I was texted last Sunday to see if I could help the New York office cause they were so busy.   It is comforting to have work however, with so many people not working.

Lori’s schedule has been very busy, she is getting all of her classes reconfigured for going on-line.  All tests and quizzes that she would usually pass out, and pick up all had to be reworked for on-line.  Now that there just over a week before school starts (two weekends) I have planned a new project in the back yard.

The materials were dropped off today, more to follow – soon!!

The lack of time

Lets see if I can blog at least once a week.  One of the things that used to bring me to WordPress on a regular basis was my reader.  But right now so many people that I follow are not blogging.  Without those notifications to drive me here and never ending stream of the same-old-thing-every-damn-day leaves me with little to blog about.

We are still “sheltering in place” if you will.  Barely leave the house except for morning walks before it gets to hot and often those involve zigzag back and forth across the street if anyone is in the vicinity.

Most groceries we are still having delivered as there are thousands of new cases every day here.  This is both convenient and frustrating.  Tonight when I went to cook organic green beans that were delivered a few days ago they were already turned.  So annoying and very expensive garbage.

I feel very fortunate that my work from home is pretty seamless and I had been set up for it even before the pandemic as I would work from home on Fridays instead of commuting whenever I could.

But time management of my days seems skewed.  I realize it is all illusion and there is not comparison to “before” because very little is the same.  I feel with this “extra” time I should be getting more accomplished.  But I am lucky if I get the simplest things done.  This week does feel accomplished because I got both cars washed, one Wednesday morning and one Thursday morning.  I also managed to vacuum and set up to do a drawing that I have barely started.

I am glad my work is a set shift from 2:30pm to 11:00pm and during that time I spend most of it at this desk.  I have read comments from people who working from home seem to half work all day and then it stretches into the evening to “prove” they are working, or because they had so many distractions during the day.  Mine is the same schedule and I have team members on at the same time.  The clients work does not “wait” it all goes in when we get it.

This week has also been quiet worrisome with sick friends and sick family and feeling helpless to every aspect of that.  But even without leaving the house and seeming to have more time I feel like I have a lack of time because I’m getting very little accomplished, or I feel like I’m getting very little accomplished.  Maybe all of that is just there is nothing to measure it against, there is no more “normal”.  Get up, cook, clean up, walk, cook, clean up, work, cook clean up, sleep.   Saturdays are laundry and bedding and maybe weeding if it is under 90 and we get started early enough.  Sundays a lot of British Bake Off, even though we have seen them before.  They are sweet and comforting.  Sweet and comforting is needed right now.


Spring Cleaning….one month into Summer

First is is really hard to accept that we are a month into Summer when I have been working from home since technically Winter.

This was Lori’s first weekend “off”.  Off meaning the last paper of the quarter was turned in on Thursday for the doctorate program and she was giving herself until this week to start prepping all of her classes for Live-on Line classes for Fall.  There is also a lot of reading to do before the next semester of the doctorate starts.  Classes start in about one month.

So Saturday we started in the yard.  It was in pretty good shape, just around the barrel cactus’s in the very front needed to be weeded.  It is a section you want to do fresh cause you have to play close attention so you get stuck as little as possible.  After a couple hours and the front of the house being in great shape it was in the mid 80’s and we moved inside about 10:30 a.m.

We moved inside and did a deep cleaning.  The kind where the bed was moved to vacuum under it.  The curtains in all the rooms were cleaned and rehung, the fans all cleaned. The refrigerator and stove moved and cleaned behind and the tile all mopped.

I know what you are thinking….what will we do now will all of our spare “sheltering in place” time and a clean house.  Well we live in a very dusty place and there is freeway dirt, cat hair and windows and doors we rarely closed so even though we will probably need to dust again by the weekend.  And there is the back yard we will tackle and the last task on the house is to wash all the windows.

It is a very nice clean house for a moment.