Women’s March

I was planning on going to the women’s march today with friends. The plan was to be at their house and take the train downtown.

The very moment we set a time on Tuesday I couldn’t shake this feeling of dread or fear. It lasted all day on Tuesday, kept coming back around at every pause in the day,

Wednesday when I woke up it was the first thing I thought of and my heart started racing, I texted them and cancelled and the feeling lifted.

I am not sure what it was about, they are there and this is for sure a time I Do Not Want To Be Right, But I also am learning to honor my feelings. At almost 55 years old you would think I would know better how to do or not do what I want. But I’m still learning,

As it turns out Thursday was a very late night at work. Followed by a co-worker coming down with the flu and my heading back into the office at 8:30 in the morning, a short 6 hours after getting home, I got home by 11pm but the getting up to go this morning at 6 would have been difficult. Maybe the dread was the universe knowing I would want to sleep in this morning.

I will write extra letters this week on women’s rights. I’m sure my senators are sick of hearing from me. I have gotten several “thank yous” back so at least staff is getting them.

March on all you fearless ladies. I’m there is spirit.

New Training / Three Monitor Procedure

IMG_3103Well I had a blog started sometime in the middle of last week, but it feels so irrelevant at this point.  It was a full week of training.  The kind where other sites cover our clients.  Which worked out for the most part.   The biggest difference is we will have a new platform that we will be working on.  This will require two monitors and although when not on the new platform I can still get by with two, most times I am going to need three monitors.

For now I am just using my laptop as the third, but it is awkward as things tend to open up in weird places.  I am on the fence about buying a third for my home office set up, jury is still out.

In other news, this is the set up for taping Lori’s “Ted” talk for school.  My camera worked pretty well for this and we worked all weekend on getting her talk into a five minute concise recording.  The laptop in front of the camera is so she could click through her powerpoint with the clicker in her hand to stay on track.  Our favorite part was putting together some outtakes for the end where she is being silly.


That was last weekend.  This weekend she had a 48 hour final.  Sometime after 7a.m. on Friday they were to open the final.  They had 48 hours from the time of opening it to finish and upload the final.  It all had to be done by Monday at 7a.m.  Lori opened hers at noon on Friday.  I left the house early to get to work for training and she got started.  She worked 9 hours or so on Friday and then at least 15 on Saturday.  Getting up and finishing it up before uploading with an hour to spare Sunday.  My role was to read it several times, ask questions, compare against assignment and rubric and of course to make meals.

Then last night we met her co-workers for what is now the 2nd annual holiday dinner. After not really leaving the house all weekend or doing much of anything but unwinding from the week of training, it was nice to get dressed up and go out.


Scotch neat. More proof I’m turning into my mother.

Prep, and more prep

This morning I made an apple pie, steamed my eggs for deviled eggs and prepped my turkey for tomorrow morning.  Then I got ready for a long commute to work.  Not only is it one of the busiest days on the roads here, but it also rained today.  Unless you live in Los Angeles, you may not understand this horrible combo.

I left for work before 1pm, giving myself over an hour and a half to get the 25 miles.  I made it in plenty of time, it did take just over an hour and it is so much easier if there is no rush or stress.  The average speed was about 35 MPH.  Actually not bad and I was thrilled.

After todays prep, tomorrow morning what I have left is to roast the turkey, make gravy, assemble the deviled eggs and put together my kick butt Charcuterie board.  Then pack it all up along with the gingerbread kits and drive to meet family for the day.

I do think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  Not just the day, but the lead up and prep as well.


Tomorrow we will be loading up the turkey, two kinds of gravy, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, charcuterie board, two pies, eleven gingerbread house kits, decorating items for those, games and my camera.   I am so glad I took Friday off of work.

Running out of day

So much today.  First thing is it rained.  I mean it RAINED!!!!!  I hadn’t seen any rain since April.  There was a report that we had rain in May but I didn’t see any.

Today it poured and flooded the front walk and back by the porch.  The newest cats in the yard who had never seen rain were quite confused on just what to do and where to hide.

It was some difference from the 90 degree weather we had over the weekend.  It is over and we are back into the 70’s tomorrow.  There is rain again in the forecast next week, guess we shall see if we are needing to have Thanksgiving inside.  Weather here can certainly change in a week and we may not get any more rain.

I went to the gym this morning, cardio and lower body weights.  Then to Costco and back home to unload everything in the rain.   I made a turkey meatloaf because I had both an hour and ground turkey that needed to be used or frozen by this weekend.

Granted I would have waited until tomorrow had I known I will have to work from home (Ah Shucks).  Our building is being fumigated so both 2nd and 3rd shifts need to work from home tomorrow.  But I made it today, so there is now way more prepped food in the fridge then we can even get through in the next few days.  Guess I’ll just be making salad and heating things for the next few days.

Because it hadn’t rained in so long I left for work early just in case people were crazy or slow or wrecked or all of the above.  It was actually quiet an easy commute in.  Then work was so busy I haven’t had time to think up a proper blog.  But here is to NaBloPoMo so that’s what I got….weather, work and turkey meatloaf.


Sugar, sans Sugar

My morning was a juxtaposition of sugar.

First I made cupcakes and frosting to bring to work for my co-workers birthday.

Then I focused on making a Whole30 compliant cranberry sauce.  It ended up quite thick, very tart and tangy.  I sweetened it with dates and then a little pineapple.  I cooked some onion, celery, dates, ginger, manderine oranges, cranberries and then I tossed in a little pineapple to add another dimension.  I was expecting to put Chinese five spice in but was completely out (how does that happen???)  so I put in all the warming spices I could find, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ground ginger.



4:00 a.m. came early.  I drove Vivian to LAX, traffic was remarkable at 4:00 a.m., so was the airport.  Even with going in, checking Viv’s luggage, getting her to the security line and getting home only took 90 minutes.  I was back in bed just after 5:30.

I got up about 8:00, made breakfast for Lori and myself.  Then I finally installed the Ring doorbell from a few weeks ago.  Lori went off to work I took out the garbage and recycling out and then went to the grocery store.

When I came home I put the groceries away.  Prepped some food for the week (I do love my air fryer), made new hummingbird food and cleaned out the feeders and replaced them.  I put the living room back together getting the pillows out of the garage that I stashed for a couple weeks to make room.

It was a lovely morning to myself, in the house, running errands, caring for our home.  I didn’t go to the gym, but tomorrow it shouldn’t be an issue.  I really do love my day to day to day routine.  I am sure some would find it boring and perhaps it is my getting older, but I do like my routine.

and Scene

Vacation is technically over. Mostly meaning I go back to work tomorrow,

My friend Viv flys out in the morning. I have an alarm set fo 3:45 to take her to LAX, get her checked in and to the screening line. (Life as a legally blind person). Everything takes more time and care. Getting into the store, checking out at the cashier. Things we all take for granted like curbs and reading signs.

Today was rather low key. Lori gave up a little bit of time and we all went to breakfast. Then I did laundry and Viv packed. She decided she needed another suitcase to make it easier to pack so we went to Kohl’s and she picked one up.

Tomorrow I get back to my routine. I do like company but am always glad to get back to my normal day to day routine. Including the gym, general chores, not worrying about someone else and our 700 square feet back. Simple things like having the bedroom door wide open allows better air flow. I am truly stuck in my routine and I prefer things that way. Maybe its part of the aging thing.

Viv has been very compact, She is sleeping on one of the fold out crouches but folds it up as a couch everyday and had no issues when I asked that she keep her suitcase behind it so it wasn’t in the way of the office. It actually worked out quite well since she was often going through the bag and the light is better for her to see.

At least its a four day week to work back into that (not so great) part of the routine.