Wishes and Dreaming

When we were young, by we I guess I mean the end of the babyboomers and Gen X-ers (Anyone born before the early 70’s). Life was just a little simpler.  Not in the we walked 5 miles to school in the snow ect ect from the generation before us but simpler than our lives are now.

I mindlessly spin the stem on my apple and say the alphabet with each turn until it breaks.   Today was “L”  As kids we did this and whatever letter you landed on would be the letter of your future love.  This was great if you had a crush on someone with any letter in the beginning of the alphabet.  A-D was pretty typical.  Since I was a V I always figured no one evvvvvver got to me.  Sometimes if you wanted to get past D  you would spin delicately and try to extend the count.  If you were trying to get an A or B you pretty much had to rip the stem off to make it happen “naturally”.

I still do this with nearly every apple I eat. No longer wishing for a good name to associate with the letter.  But old habits die hard.

One practice from those days was to cross your fingers-place them on the ceiling in the car-hold your breath-and make a wish whenever you crossed railroad tracks. We would drive in and out of the city on a regular basis when I was young and I always, always made the same wish.  (Don’t let him get me (today, this weekend, next time)).  I gave up this practice of crossing your fingers and placing them on the ceiling of the car probably about the time I started driving and needed to have them on the steering wheel.  However whenever I pass over as the passenger I always still hold my breath.


Movie Release

My co-worker left early tonight to attend THE PREMIER.  Yes THAT premier for the long awaited and possibly even longer advertised movie that opens on Friday.

The Force and all of it’s cohorts are not my kinda thing.  Not in a shun kind of way just in a I haven’t really ever followed so don’t get all the hype kind of way.

In fact the first one was released on my mothers birthday in 1977.  Not that I really new that or followed it then, but have heard or read the date at some point and what can I say I’m good with dates.

I remember being in Haines, AK for the Summer and waiting for the movie to make it up there.  It didn’t make it up there until the middle of the Summer.  Della and I and probably mom saw it after pizza in the tiny theatre in Haines.  I remember being so excited because everyone else was excited and had been talking about it forever, at least to a twelve year old it felt like forever.

I don’t remember much of the movie and may or may not have seen Empire Strikes Back Movie.  I mean I don’t recall the plot but I remember certain elements but that clearly could just be from movie clips, previews or reviews.  The same goes with the Jabba the hut one (Return of the Jedi perhaps).  Parts of the movie I think I remember but not I’m not sure, although that came out my senior year in high school so I probably did see it.  All of the prequels that came out more than a decade later I know for sure I did not see.

Anyhow, I think that if there is ANY OTHER movie your interested in, this weekend would be a nice weekend to see it.  There will probably be empty theatres for other shows!  Just Sayin!


IMG_2425Since I got the car in January, I have been taking the truck on and off of standby insurance to do things like move gravel, or to move the girls last weekend.  Then just like last weekend, it ends up just sitting under the tree and not being used.

I happened to mention selling it at work and one of the managers asked that I bring it in.  So I extended the insurance out another day and drove it in.  Yesterday when he decided to buy it I was then on a limited time frame.   After work I got one more 1,000 pound bag of gravel, got it unloaded, cleaned out the truck and got it back to the work parking lot prior to midnight.

Today I signed over the title, deposited the cash, removed it from my auto policy completely and am just down to the car now.

It has been a great truck.  I never loved this Ranger like the one before that was totalled.  But it took hundreds of trips to the dog park.  Allowed me to join the farmers market and transport lots of cakes.  Moved me to California and then became a work horse for bricks and gravel.

When I cleaned it out last night I kept thinking where did all this stuff come from.  I had three atlases, a bird guide, binoculars, emergency kit and six books in this thing and there is no trunk!!  That doesn’t even include all the miscellaneous things like gloves, sunglasses, umbrella, pens, change, tarp and other junk in the truck.

525,600 minutes

DSC01049A year!  It has already been a year!


Sara, Lola, Mutti – Farewell


Lucky 13

I was six years old and my aunt Jackie was talking to ??? my grandma maybe about Friday the 13th and bad luck.

I piped in with “Friday the 13th would be good luck”.  When asked to explain I told her that there is only so much “luck” to go around and there are fewer people open to it on Friday the 13th….so if you are open to it, it would be a lucky day.

Aunt Jackie’s response to me was “You are so precocious”

I did not know what that meant at the time…..However today is the 13th and its Friday.  Have a lucky day folks!

The Getty

photo(130)Yesterday we drove to the West side and went to The Getty.  Not the Getty Villa that we went to in April.

It is one of the best deals in town. The only fee is to park and they don’t even care how many people you have in your clown car.

We got there early enough, parked and took the tram up and were already wandering around by 10:30 or so.  We enjoyed many of the exhibits starting with The Poetry of Paper, moving through most of the West building and then out into the gardens before ending in the South building with the French Decorative Art.

It was a beautiful day.  The grounds were lovely.  It was crowded by the time we left, and we left mid afternoon lots of people were still coming in.

It is wonderful to see so many people at the museum.  So many children there as well,  both with families and with day camps.

I was walking around the exhibits and torn between being thrilled so many people were there and wanting it to be quieter.  I remember going to the museum as a kid, with my mom, sometimes with my aunt or grandmother.  What I also remember is being extremely quiet.

The world is different now, as a kid I would not have been sitting on the tram up the side of the mountain if there was an older person standing.  In fact I am always more comfortable standing on trams, busses and trains simply because we never really sat as kids.

But I was glad to see The Getty packed.  Those children will need to grow up with an appreciation for the arts to support them later in life so if memories of squeaking their tennis shoes through the exhibit and tossing pennies at the Koi in the fountain is what helps them learn then so be it.  I just directed myself to quieter rooms until the crowd found me and then back tracked.

Today we are heading to the county fair….(Insert Banjo Rif Here)

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