What some would call chores…..we call a good time.

We headed up to the Calimesa house today, taking the six ceiling fans that were stacked in our living room with us.  Once we dropped them off, we headed to the nearby Lowes to pick up the 3 new toilets we had purchased on line.  After they were loaded we stopped at the floor company we decided to go with and finalized the floor choices and signed the contract.  Between the three bids, theirs was slightly higher (although they are the only ones who didn’t charge us to measure) but they are a local company, came with a great recommendation from our friend/neighbor up there had no loop holes compared to the two “big box” bids we received.

We were back at the house and painting the bathrooms by noon.  We completed two of the three before hitting the highway at 3:00 so I could be home in time for the SEAHAWKS game!  It had started to rain so the freeway and traffic was ridiculous but Lori got off the freeway and took side streets getting us home just before the game started.

Great Game!  One more win before the superbowl!

Next weekend we plan to paint the laundry room the last bathroom and make some headway on the trim.  We want to get the painting completed and the ceiling fans installed prior to the floor going in.  There will still be some electrical and plumbing work we will need to do.  Hopefully most of that can happen before the next semester starts on January 31st.

There will be the studio in the back to do once the house is complete…..but its one room and a bathroom.  It is a wonderful thing when your with someone who likes to do the same things as you.  It would be a lot harder to spend all this time on the house if one of us didn’t like spending our free time this way.

2 Responses to “What some would call chores…..we call a good time.”

  1. Amber Says:

    You guys are amazing! I could never do all that home repair. I can’t wait to see the house and your and Lori’s amazing work in person 🙂 Hopefully next month or early March!!! *fingers crossed*

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