Spring day/Winter storm

Last weekend the weather was like a beautiful Spring day.  It was upper 60’s, sunny and the ground was soft enough from recent rains to make digging easy.

We dug up and moved some plants to make room to widen some pavers down the side yard, adding seven pavers to widen the side access path.   We also widened the brick path to the door.

The rain started Wednesday, taking any faux Spring kind of vibe away.  It was raining so hard it soaked the back door from top to bottom under a three foot deep portch eve.  We have about a one week repreve from more rain so hopefully this weekend we can end the year doing some weeding.

IMG_3155 IMG_3156IMG_3157IMG_3159



I send cards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, thank you cards, all kinds of cards.  (Technically I still write letters too)

We have received lots of cards this season.  This one from my dear friend Katherine cracked me up last night however, because of who she addressed it to…..


If you read/follow this blog at all you will know who all these characters are….oh so many cats.  If you don’t know who they are check out the Guide to the Cats  page at the top.

The card itself was also full of cats and a light up Christmas tree.IMG_3134

Christmas cards are the one tradition I keep going.  Long ago I used to throw Christmas parties and go to many Christmas parties, decorate the whole house and budget/save for months.  This year the big expenditure was the cards and postage.   So far we have sent out about 90 cards.  Its good to send and get so much joy in cards.


New Training / Three Monitor Procedure

IMG_3103Well I had a blog started sometime in the middle of last week, but it feels so irrelevant at this point.  It was a full week of training.  The kind where other sites cover our clients.  Which worked out for the most part.   The biggest difference is we will have a new platform that we will be working on.  This will require two monitors and although when not on the new platform I can still get by with two, most times I am going to need three monitors.

For now I am just using my laptop as the third, but it is awkward as things tend to open up in weird places.  I am on the fence about buying a third for my home office set up, jury is still out.

In other news, this is the set up for taping Lori’s “Ted” talk for school.  My camera worked pretty well for this and we worked all weekend on getting her talk into a five minute concise recording.  The laptop in front of the camera is so she could click through her powerpoint with the clicker in her hand to stay on track.  Our favorite part was putting together some outtakes for the end where she is being silly.


That was last weekend.  This weekend she had a 48 hour final.  Sometime after 7a.m. on Friday they were to open the final.  They had 48 hours from the time of opening it to finish and upload the final.  It all had to be done by Monday at 7a.m.  Lori opened hers at noon on Friday.  I left the house early to get to work for training and she got started.  She worked 9 hours or so on Friday and then at least 15 on Saturday.  Getting up and finishing it up before uploading with an hour to spare Sunday.  My role was to read it several times, ask questions, compare against assignment and rubric and of course to make meals.

Then last night we met her co-workers for what is now the 2nd annual holiday dinner. After not really leaving the house all weekend or doing much of anything but unwinding from the week of training, it was nice to get dressed up and go out.


Scotch neat. More proof I’m turning into my mother.

Sleepfull/less – ness

I mentioned last week we caught colds on Thanksgiving. Thank goodness me and colds are that 7-10 day span that Dr. Google say they last. I was done feeling puny at day 8, so Friday.

When I am sick and especially with this cold my system just wants to sleep. Couple that with a week that Lori was up and gone five out of six days early (as in before 7am) I slept in almost every day. Getting easily 9 if not 10 hours of sleep almost every day this week.

That is the SleepFULL part of this. That is until last night, Saturday night. I had slept in again Saturday morning as Lori was off to class about 7 and I managed to sleep until 9 or so. Feeling better then I had all week I did things like the laundry and went to three grocery stores.

But we still went to bed early, 9ish I think although I read for awhile I was probably asleep about 10. Getting three and a half hours of sleep before the time-share kitty wanted in.

Now usually I can hear her, wake up, go let her in and get right back to sleep. But this time as she came running from the window where she wakes me to the back door I could see she has a recently killed baby rat in her mouth. Recently killed because it was not stiff at all. I had to stop her from bringing the dead thing into my house.

She came in and realized she didn’t have it and wanted back out. I tried to pet her and get her to lie down but she kept pawing at the window and making so much noise after 15 minutes of this I got up and put her out.

But one of the ferals had taken her kill and she was pacing and meowing and by now I have been awake for 30 minutes. Have had just enough sleep that I’m not sleepy and having had so much sleep all week my brain/body/combo decides sleep is not necessary.

I tried to get to sleep until about 2;45 so just under an hour and then pulled out my i-pad and read some news. That was not at all calming and guiding me toward sleep so I launched the Ted app and watched Ted Talks. One of them I watched three times. I was thinking hey maybe this will put me to sleep since I just watched it, and then since I just watched it twice. But it did not.

I moved on to others and then to solitaire and around 6am tried to sleep and maybe dozed off briefly. But Lori got up to study and I was awake so heck we went to breakfast and were done and back home even before 8:00 a.m.

I thought for sure I would nap today. But that didn’t happen either. I have technically been up for 20 hours and am just glad I had so much sleep all week, although whatever advantage or extra sleep I had banked this week I can say is gone,

This can’t happen again tonight, I have a week long training at work and I cant do that on 3.5 hours of sleep, those days are long gone.

Rain and Kittens

It rained most of the night.  POURED in fact.  We were awoken to Tuggy meowing for food this morning.  Something about having this cold and it being rainy and dark lent itself to sleeping in.

There were wet miserable cats outside today and we kept the food bowls on the porch to try and keep the rain out.  Winnie and Jellybean (For those of you seeing this on the website and not in a subscription email, there is now a page at the top titled “Guide to the Cats” to help keep all of these ridiculous cat stories straight.  Oh and I added pics) were sopping wet so I rearranged and hung a garbage bag over some cat beds so they could try and stay dry.

I did see them through the window, under the plastic and huddled together in one of the beds but I did not go out for a picture because they would have ran back into the shrubbery and rain.


We need the rain, and I personally am used to driving in it having been in Seattle most of my life.  But folks in LA can not seem to drive in the rain.  Everyone is afraid to get wet, so if your willing to go in it the grocery store and gym are pretty empty.  Also most houses here do not have gutters, so its like walking under a shower getting in and out of the house.


Yes I have this stupid cold that is zapping all of my energy.  But tis the season you know.

So Saturday I put up the tree.  Sounds daunting maybe, but it involved walking into the bedroom, digging it out from behind my boots and putting it on the cabinet by the front door.



Then more resting.

Today I decorated it before work.  That involved wrapping one strand of led, battery operated lights around it.



We have a small house and this is the perfect tree for us.  Lets hope when it comes time to take it down I have more energy then right now.   ha ha ha.

Starve a cold ???

I know its supposed to be feed a cold, starve a fever.  But I have ZERO appetite.

Friday I woke up with a horrid headache.  It lasted all day and I barely moved from the bed to the couch.  Not doing much and barely even cooking anything for Lori, she did a good job at foraging.

I actually thought it was from eating too much dairy and sugar on Thursday.  I mean I didn’t eat a lot of dairy but it was WAY more then I have had this year combined.  But by Saturday when the throat was sore, the headache had gone nowhere and Lori too was feeling the same we realized we caught a cold.

This morning I started singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot” because my voice has never been this bass.  All that did was put it in my head as an ear worm all day.

My symptoms are mostly this headache and a sore throat in the morning.  No coughing, no sneezing, okay maybe a little sneezing, but no stuffiness.  Exhaustion and headache.  Good times.  Unfortunately for Lori it has already hit her lungs after the plague cough from this Summer, and she has a cough again.

I am floating in tea, tons of tea, but the idea of actual food is not appealing.