Simple Things

Sometimes it takes a while to get things right, that or I am now just old and prefer to carry little plastic purse like I’m 92 years old.  All I need is a plastic bonnet that folds up to the size of a quarter.

To be serious however. I first bought a little blue bag for $1.50 at Daiso (Japanese dollar store) to take to Italy and Portugal to carry my phone and sketch book.  Yes a little plastic purse.  It was PERFECT!  I used it every single day.  I could see what I needed through it, it was small enough to stuff in other bags and by the time I got back It was well worn (it is still in use however).

So I bought another one the next time we went and last week I found the perfect use for it.

After years of different bags for the gym, gym bags, mini gym bags, drawstring bags, backpacks they are all too big for my purpose at the gym.  I would lose my log or pen in between sets.  They would sometimes get in my way, or if hanging off a machine was just too much.

So last week I broke out my little $1.50 plastic purse.  In it fits my gym log, pen, phone, keys and card to check in.  I can hang it off the handle.  I can see everything without digging around and yet I don’t have to carry everything loose from machine to machine.

My little old lady purse is PERFECT as my new gym bag.


Bonus day & school year list

This three day weekend was very low key.  I had to think twice if we even left the house on Saturday. As it turns out we did briefly but most of the day was spent at home.  Lori was working the majority of the weekend.  Sunday we did go to yoga in the morning.  Then in the afternoon I went and washed both cars.  I was able to check everything off my “weekly” list.


I got everything checked off, well except I didn’t go get a pedicure, but I did manage a polish change while watching hurricane Dorian updates on Sunday afternoon.

Today was the bonus day.  My list starts a new for the week.  We went to a chiro appointment* for Lori and then I went grocery shopping, which was a mistake.  I rarely if ever go on the weekend and generally go in the mornings before work.  So going mid day on Labor day was hilarious.


After grocery shopping I did a little meal prep for the week and made dinner, I didn’t do much else for the entire day.  It was too darn hot all weekend to work outside and the house was clean, laundry done.  The work week starts tomorrow and yippee its only 4 days.

*self care on Lori’s side of the list is usual acupuncture or massage, this week it includes chiropractic as well.

On a side note I love lists.  This is the revised one for the school year.  We added a section for Lori to write everyday.  She figures 10 minutes minimum every day will get her going and usually ends up being several hours.  Things like clean the kitchen are not on the list because realistically that happens every day!




The “new normal” schedule

I will preface this blog with I LOVE a routine.  I am happiest in a routine.  I get more done in a routine.

The school year has started so has our “new” schedule.  Yes I said “our” no I’m not teaching and my schedule is technically the same, but it isn’t the same at all.  After seven years the one thing I have come to accept, acknowledge and adapt to is our ever changing routine.

We are currently back in class.  So every day is a different schedule.  Even small things change like I need to grocery shop differently.  I actually need fewer groceries, but also a different kind.  Breakfast is still the main meal cooked at our house since we both work nights.  But now even less “meal” food if you will is needed.  More meal prep, but a different kind.  Lori gets home at 10-11pm, sometimes she has already eaten, often not but only something lite at that hour is wanted.

On the face of it you wouldn’t think my schedule changes but it does.  Yes I still go to work at the same time.  But the mornings need to shift.  Every day has a different class schedule or meeting.  Which means a different departure time.  Which means a different breakfast time.  And since our time is limited I generally take every moment I can get.  We now have classes being taken and homework and writing to fit in as well.  So far this week its been light, but the 4am alarm to get up and “work” has started.

Today was a two class day (both teaching), so an earlier departure.  I made Lori breakfast and we caught up on the last few days.  It was too early for me to eat and I left for the gym at the same time she left.  But it got me there later then I like and a stop at Sprouts after for eggs, fruit, squash and cauliflower had me home closer to 11 a.m.  By the time I made my breakfast, put together dinner, made two quick phone calls it was time to get ready for work.

By the time we fall into this new routine and it starts to feel effortless, winter break will be here and it will all change again.  Just not as long as the Summer break.  School will then start at the end of January and that schedule will be similar to the current one, but not exactly. That brings us back to Summer where we have hours together every single day and it is divine.  More projects, more walks, less gym however.  I don’t seem to manage to get to the gym at all in the Summer.

My gym membership had ended last Winter.  It was during peak at work and I didn’t deal with finding a new one.  I pieced together yoga and walks through Spring but that even fell off come Summer.  I joined Planet Fitness at the end of July to get in on a deal.  I went for the membership that I can bring someone every time if I want.  It is still cheaper then the last membership I had.  There is no pool, but I never used it in any of the years I was a member before.

I hadn’t gone all month though, until school and the newest routine started.  Already this week I have gone a of couple days. The one thing I can say about the gym, any gym, is I love the gym.  I feel so perfectly at home at the gym.  I know everyone has that “place” where they feel at home.  The library (although that is a close second), a campus, the stage, the bar, the beach, the couch….. mine is defiantly the gym.  Just a couple workouts this week and I’m wondering how I let so much time go by.

Just another priority to fit into this Falls routine.  Life is beautifully packed and thankfully I go with the flow so much easier then my younger self.

Planting the hill

A little update and pictures.
We had to clear this hill at the new house because the old landscaper had trimmed some shrubs back so hard they didn’t make it.  To make sure the hill stays in tact we filled it up with three different species.  Portulacaria afra variegata and Aloe cameronii, 19 of each of those that my sister and I picked up from the nursery (Lori designed and put them on hold) also 5 Furcraea foetida that Lori luckily got from work.

All of the Aloe’s didn’t really fit with how much they will spread, so four of those we (my nieces and sister were helping) planted elsewhere.  I am hoping to to bring a little continuity to the yard.  The little old ladies that lived here clearly loved their garden.  But they have one each of forty-bajillion varieties in the yard.  It looks like a sample garden for a greenhouse.  Instead we are moving toward swaths of plants, trying to pair things that actually need the same watering needs together instead of drought tolerant in the middle of high water plants.

—oh I forgot to mention, it was 98 degrees!!!  Lori lucked out having to be in class last Saturday—








And so it begins

Today was flex day.  The first day of school for Lori.  No actual students just required to be there for meetings and actually take different classes.

Tomorrow (Saturday) she has a meeting at school for the upcoming program she will be taking.

Today I had grand plans.  They included working out, working in the garden, cleaning house, washing the car.  Instead after I made Lori breakfast and she left about 6:30 I went back to bed, and slept, and slept.  I didn’t get up until after 10:00 and I was moving slow.

I managed to get the place vacuumed and my car washed and the bedding washed/changed but that is all.  I was able to work from home but that is almost worse because of all the things I want to do, just beyond the office door.  Just to busy.

The schedule starts full force on Monday.  Classes being taught, committees and meetings to be had, classes being taken and daily writing to be worked into the schedule.

Vote; Register to Vote; Vote

This here post is where my social media platforms collide.
I built this list of links to direct people to where in their state they can register to vote.
Posting it here just so I can direct people here from Twitter.  This blog is generally sans politics.  This list will be down the feed soon enough.  Back to regularly scheduled nonsense.

Termite Damage

What we call the Oasis, put together in the fall of 2013 so it is 6 years old, now has termite damage. You can see here that we made the base of pallets and 3/4″ ply over that.  It has served us well but after 6 years we have a problem.

It started last year when we left a bag of potting soil on the edge for a long period of time.  By long, I am guessing several months.  One of those projects that was not major, had no deadline and got sidetracked with everything else we have going on.  Well the moisture from the bag, the wood and the dark we ended up with termites in the flooring.

It has now gotten to the point that its falling apart.  For the birthday party we had for Lori in June I put the cooler right on top of this spot so no one would step here.

The new rug I picked up and moved it over to the table area, it looks quite smart.  Almost like that is the space it was meant for all along.  Now to pull up the flooring to see how far this damage goes.


If it has gotten into the pallets we used as a base, I guess we will have to decide then what to do.  Rebuild completely or reclaim the space for another purpose.  The current idea bouncing around is another shed, one we can put a project table in and use as a place to paint or do other projects.  That would be quite a bit more money then just new plywood and paint.  Guess we will find out as I pull up the flooring.