Memorial Day Nap

Yesterday included a glorious nap on the couch.  From approximately 4:30 to just after 6:00, a nap was a must to make up for little sleep over the weekend.

Thursday night I got off late and didn’t get home until about 1:00 in the morning.  That made Friday morning come super early as there was a lot to get done on Monday.  Shopping, grading and posting final grades, wrapping presents for Corals first birthday party, clean the house for company, pick up my step-sister Kayleen from the airport and entertain.

There was only so much time, so a quick straighten and a vacuum was all the house really got.  Being the end of the school year and Lori taking her own class this semester her office had stacks of books and graded finals and class journals in it.  She was working away and worried about getting her things cleared out of her room for my guest.  Instead I told her Kayleen could just sleep on the couch.

We weren’t really going to be at our place much of the weekend anyway.  We took her to dinner after we picked her up at the airport and visited there for a couple of hours.  Then home and sat talking and catching up for a couple hours and went to bed.

Saturday when we got up and ready to go Kayleen and I left for Calimesa, Lori stayed home to finish up school work.  My sister and nieces had no idea I had brought Kayleen down for the party.  I video’s everyone’s reaction when we got there.  Crying and hand waving along with lots of hugs.  It was a great surprise.

Saturday while everyone got busy visiting and catching up, I baked cupcakes and a baby smash cake for Sunday.  Food had to be picked up, balloons were also due to picked up at 6:00, once we got all the errands done we all went out to The Spaghetti Factory for dinner.  Then when we were back for the night my brother drove out.  We finally headed to bed about 2:30 after more visiting.

Sunday was the actual birthday party.  Sunday was a fun but completely exhausting day.  I got up about 7:30 and started frosting the smash cake.  Lori showed up soon after and everyone else was up and the decorating began.  We put together the tent outside, blew up the pool we were using as the ball pit, put together the big table and hung streamers and balloons and finished setting everything out, everyone showering and ready for the first guest who got there at 12:30.

Then the party, visiting, cake, presents, more visiting and everyone was gone.  We left there late and headed back to LA in three cars.  Dale in his, Lori in hers and Kayleen and I in mine.  But real food was needed so we all stopped and had dinner and then got home around 11 pm.  With only 5 hours of sleep the night before we pretty much went straight to bed.

Monday Kayleen’s flight was at 10:59; so we were up and out of the house by 9:00.  Got her all checked in, grabbed some breakfast and headed to Irvine to help Vicki and Emily put together some new chairs.   By the time we got home we both just wanted to relax and watch TV.  That and the sun shinning in made for the perfect nap atmosphere.

What I know from this weekend is a year goes by crazy fast as Coral is already a year old and I miss naps!  I need more naps like yesterday.


Happy Birthday Mom

You would have been 77 today.  We lost you 27 years ago, TWENTY SEVEN, that alone seems impossible.

I can’t imagine you past this photo as it was taken soon before you died.  I miss talking to you, there is so much I wish I could tell to you about.

Our fabulous brothers!!!  My lovely wife!!!  Your new great-granddaughter who turns a year old in less than a week! We are back in California where our lives with you started and it feels right.

Miss you.


Hot day at the Huntington

Saturday morning we were up early and out the door to get into Pasadena by 8:15 or so.  The cactus and succulent class field trip was here again, I didn’t have to go but it sure is a lovely walk.

I didn’t even bring my camera as I have several years of photos from this trip.  I did grab a few shots on my phone but was glad to not be carrying it.  We were done and out of there around 11 but it was already over 90 degrees and I was glad I just wore shorts and a tank top.

Sunday was just as hot, but not nearly as pretty.  Lori worked on class while I did things like food prep, laundry, grocery shopping and trying to stay cool.  We (I) turned on the window air conditioner for the first time this year.  A few more days in the ninety’s and we will be back into the upper 70’s!


Just the spa at the mall

Today started off with an 80 minute massage.  Well technically it started off with oatmeal and blueberries.  However we then drove to the spa for our on going Christmas present.  Buying these massages for the year was the best things we could have done.

At least once a month, if only once a month, we have to slow down enough to get a massage.

Once I was done today, took a hot shower and got ready for work I took a couple of pictures.  Not great angles and a lot missing but I didn’t want to get anyone in the shots.


The cucumbers are in a quite room where you wait to be called for your appointment.  Be it a massage, facial or pedicure.  In there are chairs, love seats, magazines, a gurgling fountain, tea and water along with these sliced, iced cucumbers.  Today I didn’t, but usually I sit in quiet with slices on my eyes waiting to be called.

Inside the ladies locker room are the Jacuzzi, steam room, eight (I think) showers and the quite room.   Outside in the co-ed part if you will, there is more seating and places to eat lunch if you order in.

We didn’t order in, we went to lunch after and then went our separate ways to work.  It is not a bad way to start the day.  It does feel a little rushed, so from now on I’m just going to tell work I won’t be in until thirty minutes later.  Why not right, everyone else takes time for personal appointments and this one is important!!!





Last weekend of peak

Lets see if I can conjure up a blog out of thin air.  The curser is just blinking and I have nothing………

Peak is finally over, the first quarter SEC filing is up on Monday.  I am on call this weekend so there will be some activity but the moratorium on taking time off is now up and I am taking a couple days later in the month.  Sandwiching the three day weekend and the great niece turning one into a long weekend.

Other than work, there has just been so little else to talk about.  The news is all consuming and although I turn my car radio from the news I seem to turn it back to listen to the coverage of current events which seems be a blow by blow or twitter by twitter of the disaster of our current administration.

As an escape I have been streaming Big Love late at night at work.  Too much news in the evening was making it hard to sleep.  Big Love was recommended to me by Katherine and although I have finished all the seasons somehow days later I am still thinking about the characters.  It was described well, as a train wreck.  You just can’t stop looking at it even though these people make some truly wrong choices and must, MUST, discuss their issues in the most in-opportune moments.  Like the latest drama can not wait and has to be addressed in the middle of work or the store or wherever.

Before that I was streaming Downton Abbey.  All on my little 4×6 inch iPad.   But we have two people moving into project management positions from the typesetting side, they are currently in training.  So my alone shift that has been going on for months is about over.  So I won’t need to stream anything to keep me company at work late in the evening.  Bugger is that now work is also about to get slower.

Perhaps I can start getting off on time and therefore getting to sleep earlier so I can get up earlier and actually do more than fit a couple gym days into the week.  It has been so sporadic.

Spring is half over, time to grab on and get to enjoying it.





Humming Bird Nest

This morning I was doing some weeding  and needed a break from the heat and so sat in the oasis for just a bit as it is nice and shady now that the vines have nearly covered the top.

A hummingbird buzzed in, looked at me and took off.  It came back, then landed on its nest!!!!  then left again.

There is a nest, oh so small, on the wind chime in the middle of the oasis.  I took this picture, zoomed it so everything looks bigger, but those little bells and beads are quite small.


After the third flight in and out, I decided to leave,  I have no idea if there are eggs up there and didn’t want to keep the little momma away.