sandy progress

On Saturday when it was a cool 84 degrees (cool as in 20 degrees cooler then a couple weeks ago – but still dang hot for working in the sun) I got the 3,000 pounds of sand moved from the bags in the driveway to the back yard.

IMG_5446I had been working on leveling this area 16×16 from where we used to have a platform made of pallets.  It took quite a bit of digging and raking to get it semi level.

Then Saturday I moved the 3,000 bags of sand.  It was about 35 wheelbarrow full.  Got it all dumped in here and then more leveling.

This bit isn’t perfect because we will be walking all over it to place the cinder blocks and moving sand as we need it.  But this part can not wait.  If you follow this blog you know we have 4-5 feral cats who pretty much live in the yard and this is just one giant cat box to them.

We now have about half the cinder blocks moved and placed.  It is not a perfect “floor” because they are cast from concrete and just not regular enough for a tight fit.  But For what we are using it for it will be great and water permeable.  With the weather expected to be back up to over 100 on Labor Day I am hoping to spread the other half of the blocks out over the next three mornings.

It will eventually be the base for a shed, but with everything else that maybe a couple years away.  For now we will move the outdoor furniture back up on it and there will be plenty of room for outdoor yoga and feral kitty lounging.



Four day weekend and sprained thumb

I took a four day weekend last week.  There was a ton of stuff on the to do list with it being the last weekend before school.  Along with stuff to do around the house and studio to set up for drafting class in the garage, we also saw family!!!

Thursday we drove to Laguna Niguel where family just bought a new condo and we have not seem them in months.  With no one going to work or any where really we felt pretty safe.  We still didn’t hug or anything but we did get to tour the new place and ordered from from Door Dash so we ate food that we did not cook for the first time in a long time!

The trip down, visit and trip back was only a few hours but after not socializing for so long it was actually quite taxing.  Something I think is a side effect of this Covid.  I feel less and less social and more and more isolated all the time and am actually getting quite comfortable in the isolation.  I think both exhausted we were in bed at 8:00 pm.

Friday Lori had a full day of Zoom meetings for flex day as school.  I started to dig in the support beams in the back yard but only got an hour in, it was 9:00 a.m. and well over 90 degrees so that ended.  To get out of the way at home and see the girls I drove out to  see the family and it has been months since I’ve seen them.  Everyone has been home for the most part and it was worth the (low) risk just to get some time with them.

I played with Coral nearly the entire time, I was exhausted when we were done.  We played slime, barbies, kitchen, name the dinosaurs, horses (the plastic kind), hide and seek, keep away (with a jump rope), limbo (same jump rope), ball kicking, several other things and horsey where she rode around on my back.  This is where the sprained thumb came in.  As she started to slide off, I adjusted to try and catch her with my arm bent my thumb backward, then her 50lb self landed on my extended elbow driving my arm into my already bent back thumb.

That ended that game and I iced the thumb.  It was really swollen on Saturday and I ventured out (AGAIN) 3rd day in a row.  I made a trip to target to get a brace for my thumb and since I was there bought two containers of laundry detergent, four tubes of toothpaste, floor cleaner, the thumb brace and stocked up so it can be another 6 months before I need to go back.

For a four day weekend that had two family trips and chores with a gimpy thumb it was over in a blink.  Luckily I have a three day weekend coming up this week too.


The non update, Update

So a week later I bet you thought I would have an update on the backyard/project/situation.  Well you would be wrong.  It is too darn hot to even think about that project.

How hot is it you ask, ok maybe you didn’t but I’m gonna tell you.  Yesterday it got up to 106 degrees at my house.  There was no yard work or heavy lifting happening at all.


In fact our little house was so hot that it contributed to our cable box overheating.  Two nights ago, Lori finished up work for the day and turned on the TV, 30 minutes later it shut off.  She tried turning it back on then asked if I could turn it back on she wasn’t having any luck.  There was no turning it back on an feeling the cable box was HOT after such a short time we unplugged it.

Last night we plugged it back in and it only took 5 minutes to shut back down.  So a call to Spectrum and a new one is being sent out.  So in a couple days we will have time killing TV again.

Thing is it is too hot to do much besides sit and kill time.  The house is hot, outside is ridiculous.   I am typing this with a cold wet cloth draped around my neck.

This morning we got up at 6:30 and got our walk it while it was still “cool”  its all relative as it was well into the 80’s by the time we were back.  I decided to run some errands.  Errands that would involve very few people.  I started by driving to the vet and hanging a bag of newspapers on the door, knocking and leaving.  Then drove to the UPS store to drop off a package for Lori.  That involved one person and one door that I did not touch.  I then drove through the car was, which involved one person handing me a towel and asking if my mirrors were ok before driving in.  I parked in the sun to dry it and vacuum it out even though there were spots in the shade but that side had lots of people and no one but insane me was in this sun.  I did touch the vacuum so I used my hand sanitizer that in is my car door before ordering tea from Starbucks and driving two blocks to the drive through and picking it up.  Since I was out and about I stopped for gas, I wasn’t even down to a half a tank but figured might as well.  No human contact but since I touched the pump more hand sanitizer.

I got back home and washed all that hand sanitizer off.  I really do not like the stuff but understand that what I am getting out of it during Covid, far outweighs the downsides of hand sanitizer to me.

Today, or about 90 minutes today running errands even in a mask felt almost “normal”.  But the rest of the day I waited for groceries to be dropped off.  Wiped them down and put them away.  Then sat here trying to stay cool, NOT watching TV and waiting for work to start.

Day 120

Time for a project.


Today is day 120 at the house.  Luckily I am still working from home and this week work has been crazy busy.  This coming weekend is my on-call weekend but I was texted last Sunday to see if I could help the New York office cause they were so busy.   It is comforting to have work however, with so many people not working.

Lori’s schedule has been very busy, she is getting all of her classes reconfigured for going on-line.  All tests and quizzes that she would usually pass out, and pick up all had to be reworked for on-line.  Now that there just over a week before school starts (two weekends) I have planned a new project in the back yard.

The materials were dropped off today, more to follow – soon!!