Its Christmas time….in the office

My workplace is a bit Christmas crazed.  Just from comments through out the year I knew it was going to be a big deal.  Comments regarding the “Christmas Potluck” or “I got such and such from co-worker for Christmas last year”.

I started thinking about what I could contribute on my budget that was both personal and unique along with fitting into my sensibilities.

I ended up buying coffee mugs with everyone’s name on them.  I got these through and went through the list of all my co-workers several times to make sure I got 11 coffee mugs in the mail.  I then proceeded to candy pecans for everyone and fill the coffee mugs with things like a flashlight and chocolates.

Unfortunately I do not have any really good photos of the end products but people seemed genuinely happy, especially those with names you don’t find on random personalized stuff.

There are two Christmas trees in our department.  There is a wreath, door chimes/ribbons on all the offices and various other random decorations.  The presents started showing up on Thanksgiving weekend.  In fact when I got back from that long weekend, the tree and most of the decorations were already up.

Because people are taking time off next week presents started being handed out yesterday.  Although mine and few others are already gone here is what the tree still looked like this morning.  My cups only lived under the tree for a day.  Because there were perishable things in with the cups I decided to pass mine out last week.

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Puppy…..Christmas Puppy

Puppy 2 Puppy 1

No no no, I did not get a puppy for Christmas.

A co-worker picked up this puppy from the street, she had run under his car.  They took her home and have tried to find out where she came from. 

They did go and get her shots because they have four of their own dogs and didn’t want to risk an unvaccinated puppy in the mix.

She is 3-4 months old, currently weighs six pounds and is in need of a home!   Currently in the Whittier, CA area.

She is very sweet (from what I’m told) is housebreaking quickly as she follows all the other dogs lead and is possibly part mini-pincher.



Yes, I realize that was yesterday’s date.  But it made me happy yesterday and since this post is about what we got accomplished yesterday that is my title!

We headed toward Calimesa pretty early in the morning.  Bypassing it completely and went to the outlet mall at the reservation.   I was finally able to exchange my defective running shoes.  Nike gave me no hassle what-so-ever.  I tried on several different styles before settling on the exact pair I was returning.  Because the price was different then when we bought them not only did I get the new shoes also a twenty-dollar credit.  The receipt, the box and the bag are in the top of my closet just in case this happens again.

We were then going to head for Home Depot for paint but Lori was pretty determined to go clothes shopping for me.  I need new work clothes and this was the easiest Christmas option.  So we went into the Anne Taylor Loft store, one of my favorite stores and I found a darling skirt, pair of houndstooth trousers a sweater and a couple blouses.  All very nice and Christmas done!

Then we went to Home Depot and got the last color of paint.  This is the color we are doing the kithchen, bathrooms and trim in.  We got the entire kitchen painted before heading back home.  Depending on jury duty for Lori this week, she may be driving back on Tuesday to meet with someone to measure and estimate the installation of the flooring.

A very busy day that ended early.  Even with the drive home we were showered and readying by 7:30 and Lori who has had a cold for two weeks was sound asleep before 8:30.  I read for a couple hours and listened the the neighbor (and by neighbor I mean at least 5 houses and around the corner away) playing very very very loud music.  It didn’t stop until after 2:30 and it might as well have been a stereo inside the bedroom.

Being have awake until 2:00 did not stop me from getting up for an inaugural run on my new shoes this morning.  Then we met friends for brunch and home in time to watch the SeaHawks knock the 49ers out for this season!

(Quick) Progress

Two Day Project and well over half done on the first day.


Fence starts tomorrow

IMG_8327The section of fence that was failing was removed today.  Dale found someone to do all the labor in exchange for all the wood.  Make sense to me, they remove and the haul it away!!

Tomorrow posts are being set for this section and in the next two days the side fence is re-inforced the gate and sections of the fence are rebuilt.

Now if there was a way to kill all the Japanese knot weed from the neighbor’s yard while we are at it.



I believe I mentioned the rain last week.  We had several days of it in fact.  My boss even mentioned that I lit up by the rain, mostly it was just nice to have some variety in the weather.  It did make for more work however.  Leaking roofs, windows, flooding warehouses it was a busy week.  The weather coupled with what seemed like an exorbitant amount of clogged toilets.

We were short-staffed because of illness, extra work because of leaking roofs and multiple toilets in multiple sites.  Two in one building took nearly 90 minutes to clear because of the amount of paper towels someone flushed.  WHY?  Why do people think paper towels are okay to flush.  In fact another building we are now budgeting air dryers instead of towels because of the amount of paper towels that end up in the toilet.  I have even put up signs in English, Spanish and Chinese and still people flush them.

The rain is expected to return this week, not as much and not for as many days but it is encouraging.  It would have to rain like this week for the next year to counter the drought we are in.

The rain not only increases my work at work, but at home.  When absolutely zero water hits an area for months at a time the weeds do not grow.  But with just a little moisture the seeds sitting and waiting spring up.  The tenacity and survivability are actually quite amazing.  Like my mood the weeds were nourished and right out the gravel that has been down for months and under the tree in the front yard there are weeds are springing up everywhere.  I’m sure there is a lesson here in proper hydration or a lesson in patience.

Since we didn’t pull any of these barely starting weeds this weekend and we are expecting rain on Wednesday I am sure by next weekend they will be full-fledged weeds everywhere.  But whats a little more weeding when we need so much more rain.

IMG_1931 IMG_1934 IMG_1935

Fall Cold

We brought home colds last weekend.  Lori’s hit an hour or so after we finished working a full day in the yard on Sunday.  We were heading out to visit friends when she realized she was starting to get a sore throat.  Because our friend was having chemo on Tuesday we did not end up going.

Lori’s cold came on quickly and it was only a few hours later that the coughing, stuffy and sore throat were coming on in full.  It was the week before finals and the annul poinsettia sale so full days of work and then classes at night made for a very long week.  A chicken noodle soup filled week.  Soup, lots of Umcka and fluids have been the steady diet.

IMG_1932Since I can’t have the noodle in chicken noodle soup, today I made a pot of homemade chicken, brown rice, quinoa and bok choy from my garden soup.

With the rain this week and cooler temperatures it just kind of felt like cold season but things are looking up.  My sore throat is about gone and Lori is down to 1 coughing jag per hour.

And yum, soup!



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