It seems that someone(s) got into the back yard by cutting the string around the lock or scaling the gate. Then they opened the window between the gym and the living room.  Carefully moving the books on the top shelf on the other side and climbing over the bookshelf.  At that they broke the top shelf.

IMG_4396 It seems they tossed the place, not that there was much to take.

IMG_1286Clearly they were looking for cash, jewelery and electronics.  My brother has a desk top computer which they left behind and since my laptop and iPad are here in California there was none of that.  They did take my brothers bowl of change getting away with a single euro a Canadian 5 dollar bill all total about eight bucks in change.

They pulled boxes off my shelf and found……photos.  Another bin they pulled out and dumped to find……hats and scarfs.  They went through my nearly empty dresser drawers because all that is there are work cloths.  Oh and my “toy” box…..don’t even know what to think about that.

I may have lost some pearls.  I think they were still up there.

What we know they took for sure, my telescope, leaving the tri-pod and some booze.  Only way to tell are the empty spots on the bar.

IMG_2900 IMG_2178 IMG_8173

Good thing I’ll be there this weekend to deal with the shelf and put stuff back.  For some reason it all just makes me laugh.  All that work and they must have been disappointed.  It looks like they left all the CD’s and DVD’s along with the DVD players and all of our TV’s are the big boat anchor types so they were left as well.

IMG_7845The important things….no one was home, Dale came home to find this mess and Spyder was just fine.  They left him alone and I bet he barked his little bark all over them.

Now to fix the shelf.  Consider a lock on the gym.  Sturdy up the locks on the gates and buy more dowels for the windows.

On a dime

That is the saying right.  Things turn on a dime.  There is no better definition of this than our weekend.

photo(288)Saturday we got up, had breakfast, showered and headed out for the day.  The first stop was the library book sale.  Everything you can fit into a paper bag for $5.00  Exactly in our budget!  For two people who read a lot, several books or topics at a time for Lori….I think she is reading four books that have nothing to do with the books she reads for class.  I rarely have more than two books going at a time but have read at least ten so far this year and am close to finishing two more.

So we wondered around for a bit and both filled a bag, we left after spending ten dollars and picking up twenty-eight books.

We then headed out to buy flowers.  Lori spent the afternoon working on the structure for an Ikebana arrangement that she is putting into the cherry blossom festival in a few weeks.

We headed out to buy a dowel to put the two large branches together.  We were discussing the plan for the rest of the day and weekend….possibly taking out the easement in front of the house.  We got in the truck and Lori had a four-hour old message from her mom’s neighbor and her mom was in the hospital.

Insert the dime here.  Clothes changed, gas tank filled up, an hour and a half drive nearly to palm springs.  Readers digest version as it is not my story to tell but her mom passed before the night was over.  We drove home getting in about 1am and then back the next day to start to sort out the house and the dogs and the bills and it will be several months of our weekends.

Well except next weekend.  We are heading to Seattle.  We will only be there for 36 hours or so.  My sister and nieces are driving down as we haven’t seen them since last July.  I plan on getting chores done and pool chemicals procured.  Collect hugs and energy, bottle it up and bring it back to last the next few months of driving and working.

# 4

Tonight’s run brought to you by the number 4.

Four couples taking an evening walk.

Four people walking dogs.

Four people standing outside smoking. Cough.

Four ice cream trucks. Seriously.

Four people watering.

Four other people running.

I ran late tonight, had to wait for it to cool down as it was still 85 when I got home from work.  Seems like the neighborhood waited as well as there was tons of activity out there at 7:30.




Sunday started with a banana on the way to a 9:00 am yoga class.  I have been trying to find a yoga studio that fits with my work schedule but haven’t found any yet.  This studio is close to work but the evening class I want to go to starts at 4:30 and that is when I get off work.  The next class is at 6:00 and I don’t want to hang out for 90 minutes or drive home and then back……anyway, this mornings yoga.

It was very nice to get some practice in.  Not the best yoga class I have ever taken, and not the worst.  It was a Vinyasa class but the transitions from pose to pose were rough.  The Vinyasa sequence was not one I have ever experienced and I had a hard time staying focused.  The instructor used very few names for the poses so I kept having to look up to see what the heck he was talking about.  For example instead of saying Utkatasana or even just  chair pose he started with stand with the feet apart, raise your arms, bend your knees….that would be about the time I knew where he was headed.

This sounds all like a complaint but it is not.  It was great to get a class in, focus on breathing and get back on my mat.

The rest of the day was very balanced a good reflection of how the day started.  I managed to clean the kitchen, one of those cleanings where I got the sides of the stove and refrigerator even.  I did the laundry, made a quick trip to Costco, watered my garden and marveled at all the veggies coming up and made Salmon for dinner.  But it seems like most of the day I played on my iPad, watched TV and read.

photo(286) photo(285) photo(283) photo(287)


Oak Glenn

With the need to get out for a day we headed to Oak Glenn this morning.  We had a lovely hike.

DSC_0024 DSC_0025 DSC_0038 DSC_0040 DSC_0020 DSC_0028 DSC_0027 DSC_0032

There were so very many birds, bluebirds, redwinged black birds, hummingbirds, grackles, ducks, robins, woodpeckers, finches, dark eyed juncos and many more.  The photo of the tree with all the acorns in it is from an acorn woodpecker.  They peck holes in the tree, stuff it with acorns and then come back to eat the bugs that come for the acorns.

April 1

Enough said about that!

I intended to go for a run tonight.  However by 2pm my fitbit had already buzzed at 10,000 steps and by this typing was almost 14,000.

I had an install day at one of the hospitals, I had two installers working in different buildings.  I spent from 9:30 to 1:30 walking back and forth and across the campus several times.  I had taken tennis shoes with me but the where I parked my truck and just how busy I was running around I never got into them.  I did five miles in my heals and had very sore feet at the end of the day.

Instead of running I stayed busy tonight by doing some laundry and grocery shopping, I stopped and got gas and ice.

But the day is now over.  On to April in general…….

Dancing Nana

My sister posted this on her Facebook.  It is so fabulous.  It sent me to you tube and I watched all four of the videos of Dancing Nana.


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