Updating; pre-planning; shoe horning it all in

Wow, time is flying!!!  I can’t believe we are less than a week from Thanksgiving and only four from Christmas.

The Christmas trip is filling up already. 

We fly in on Friday (Della’s birthday) and with us Lori’s God daughter (Emily) is flying up.  She is 22ish and I already texted my nieces to make sure they are around to help entertain.  Hopefully we can all get a late dinner at Red Robin or somewhere close for my sister’s birthday and I probably will not have eaten since noon as I will have to start early to get off work in time to get to the airport for the flight.

Saturday I will be spending with Katherine.  Lori and Emily will be hanging with the family hopefully playing games and relaxing from both of their crazy school schedules.

Sunday ??  Football or sight-seeing Emily around if she is bored already. 

Monday evening Emily flys back home.  Lori and I may be having dinner at Char and Daves.  They are super excited as we have not seen them in a couple of years.  I also have emails in to Albert and Leslie, I haven’t seen either of them in a couple years either.  The trips home have all been just crammed and not enough time for everything or everyone I want to see.

Confirmation from Diane, Linda and Tonya and Briana as well for that week just nothing planned yet.  Not to mention Christmas falls in and everyone is busy with that.

always active

We made it up to the desert house this weekend.  Heading up Saturday morning and spent the entire day cleaning the kitchen and prepping it for painting.  We did a deep cleaning, including inside and under all the appliances.  I also took all the hardware off the doors and scrubbed it with the help of easy off.  We could very well save hundreds of dollars if we now decide to keep the hardware.   We are now ready to put paint on the walls next weekend.  We headed back early and stopped for dinner then I stopped to feed a friends pets who is away for a week.

This morning started early as I was up and to feed and take care of the pets.  Once I was home and watched the pre-game show I was not going to get the Hawks game.  Dale texted me nearly an entire play by play!  That part was awesome but losing was not.

I finished up the project I started last weekend.  I hung the strands of LED lights I bought on-line and put the extension cord into the PVC pipe.  Then I put the PVC pipe into the trench I dug and then covered it back up and replaced the rocks.  It is very sweet.  Some weeding and watering the garden before all light was gone for the day and now I head out to feed the pets again.

 IMG_1870 IMG_1871 IMG_1872  IMG_1874

Routine Break

We did not go up to the desert house again this weekend.  That makes three weekends in a row.  I had the marathon a couple of weeks ago, then last weekend we spent two straight days collating flyers, labeling return envelopes, stuffing and labeling 1,500 pieces for the upcoming poinsettia sale at school.  This weekend we had hair appointments on Saturday in the middle of the day so the only option would have been  Sunday but there is just too much school prep and other things that need to happen.

Today Lori was up again at 4am to start working on her post modernism history presentation.  I slept in until 7:00 and then went for a run.  Then after I made breakfast and before the Seahawks game I went out and did a couple of hours of weeding and then dug this shallow ditch to run an electric cord through.  I have to get another piece of PVC pipe to finish this off but when its done we will be able to plug-in the lights strung around the oasis.

IMG_1851  IMG_1853

IMG_1852I was also able to week the veggies and see that something is seriously eating my peas.  Last weekend they were climbing the cage and had little flowers that would some day be peas and today they are chomped off nearly to the ground, I am so bummed.

It has been nice to spend some time at home.  Last week I cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed in between labeling and stuffing.  Not that cleaning the kitchen doesn’t happen regularly but this was the everything out of the cupboards everything cleaned out and wiped down kind of cleaning.  We do have to get back up there and next weekend is looking pretty clear.  The poinsettia sale will take a weekend in December and we are in Seattle for two weekends as well.  Hopefully in the next couple weeks we can get the kitchen, laundry room and three bathrooms painted.  Then we will be down to fixtures, fans and flooring.

Typical Monday

The most startling call I answered last week was “I have poop in the hall”.  A toilet in pediatrics had overflowed all the way into the hall.  This called for an immediate redirect for one of our teams to go clear the toilet.  Also a call to the cleaning company to go clean and disinfect the room and carpet.

I was nervous going in today because we had rain on Friday night.  I repeat…we had rain on Friday night.  It could be the first rain since last February.  The rain was fantastic and lasted off and on all night, the garden got a good watering. (The rain actually deserves a post of its own)

But last February when we had rain I had a full day of calls for leaky windows and leaky roofs.  But today was pretty good.  A dozen or so calls, none of them had anything to do with the rain last weekend and of the only plugged toilet for the day did not include “poop in the hall”.  The best call of the day was the employee who dropped their keys into the door gap of the elevator while on the 4th floor of a building that includes 3 underground parking levels.



Golden Barrel Soldiers

I mentioned a while ago that we had the grass removed in the easement at the street and filled in with gravel.  We have had weeks of people traipsing through and kicking gravel everywhere.  Not just a little but it looked like someone drug a suitcase through, leaving huge swaths of gravel removed and piled up on the bricks or sidewalk.

IMG_1844The plan for less work out there was turning into me sweeping gravel back in every few days.  Last weekend we went to the nursery and bought a few large rocks.  Then after we got those placed decided it wasn’t a big enough deterrent so we went to home dept and bought thirteen golden barrel cactus’.

It has been a week.  A week that included at least 75 trick or treaters along with their families and strollers and lots of trick or treaters that skipped our house because the lights don’t stay on.  Five full days of school kids walking back and forth.  The usual neighborhood walkers, dogs, skateboards (seriously I don’t know of a skate park around here, they are just a means of transportation).



IMG_1842Only a little bit of displacement happened through the week.  A bit more on Halloween night but not actually that bad.  Lori thinks it’s all because of the cactus.  Respect for the cactus so to speak. People generally give them a wide berth.

I want to believe that is has a little more to do with respect, that since it looks more like someone has put time and energy into it, they are not tramping through.

Sadly with the amount of trash that blows into our yard and lack of people picking up after their dogs I think she is probably right.  The optimist in me is currently struggling right now with the behavior of humans on this planet.

Christmas plans

We were planning on driving up to Seattle and leaving a vehicle there at Christmas and then flying home.  However all of our vehicles are kind of up in the air right now.  Lori needs something new and more fuel-efficient, the van we haven’t even checked out yet and my truck….well I don’t think it would make the journey.

Since we are eight weeks out we decided to just buy tickets and fly both ways.  All I can say is damn, airfare is ridiculous.

We are flying up on Friday, December 19 (Della’s birthday) after work. We leave Sunday the 28th in the morning.

I want to see everyone while we are there, Katherine, Linda, Briana & Tonya, Diane, Shelly, John, Sam & Leslie, Char and Dave, Albert & Allison, my family (some are flying in) and I am hoping Beth is driving through to see her brother and I get to see her too (hint hint.)

However after the price of the tickets we will not be renting a car, I am sure Della will let me borrow hers once in a while but if I make plans with you, chances are I’ll need a ride…..this is just the fair warning.  :)

Hope to see you all in December.


Done and Done

Things always work out. Sometimes they just work out better than other times.

I was so excited/nervous/scared last night that I did not sleep well. I woke up several times before the 4:00 am alarm and should have just gotten up at 3:08 when I was fully awake instead of trying to sleep for another 50 minutes.

We got up at 4:00 dressed put on the new shoes, grabbed a banana and almond butter and some trail mix for my gear bag. We were meeting Mark at the train at 4:45. We left the house and got to the park and ride, it is not far. We bought our tickets and there was still no Mark. Nor were there any other people, or trains.

We waited and waited and decided to leave at 5:15 and just drive in because we had not idea what was going on. Once we headed out we got a text from Mark that he was on the train. (?) I was frustrated and as we drove into the city we figured out we were at the wrong train station. Lori dropped me off as I was getting the text from Mark that he was now on the connecting train.  Lori drove back to our neighborhood and to the correct train station and took the two trains in.

The race was already starting when she got there but we were in corral 17 so we had thirty minutes or so before we would be at the start. Lori found a spot there and photographed us as we passed her and I tossed her my sweatshirt so I wouldn’t have to carry it or wear it for the next 13 miles.

IMG_0376Mark and I have a very similar pace, however he is much taller. Much! Because of this I started too fast and by the time we were three miles in I told him not to wait for me because I was slower than him. He really didn’t speed up, instead I dropped to my usual pace and I could tell from our footfalls we were at the same pace but each of his strides puts him a foot ahead of me.

My shoes were okay. They are definitely comfortable but day one being a thirteen mile day was not the best. I did end up with two small blisters. More detrimental was the difference in how my foot sits in the shoe and therefore my muscles were working differently.

I ended up running and holding on to my right glute/hamstring area because it was just cramping. There was also not enough arch support, which again is why I always end back in Nike for running shoes.

I finished at 3:10 and except for the small blisters was feeling pretty good. Mark was waiting for me and we took our winners photo together. Lori was there cheering us on and we quickly headed for the train and rode the two back together to our cars.

I was home just after noon and was able to see the SeaHawks pull off the win. Then I showered my sweaty self and we went out to lunch and then picked up some cactus for the front yard and got those planted in the front, we are trying to keep the kids from kicking our rocks all over with bikes and skateboards.

I am tired though, not a lot of sleep last night. I am guessing I will have no trouble sleeping tonight.


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