Lucky me!

My sister has a few jobs lining up so soon the progress in the yard will certainly slow.  However I am feeling quite blessed that Della and Dale are keeping the house in good repair.

Dale who just got home from seeing his dad for the weekend, a weekly trip he has been making for a month now, was still able to get the pool cleaned before heading off to work.

Della worked on pruning up the Lilac that was being overtaken by suckers.

CAM00386 CAM00393 CAM00394

I also sorta love just how brown the grass is.  I wish LA could embrace the brown grass and quit watering every single day.  I am so glad we are putting in the succulents and water wise gardens.  Except for the vegetable garden bed we are able to water about every 14 days in this heat.


multi-tasking life

Monday and Wednesday nights are usually when I do my weight workouts, Lori is in class and I spend extra time at the gym.  However there are only so many hours and many more projects,work, chores and workouts to squeeze into these hours.  On my 30 minute lunch break today I went to home depot and bought the 1,000 pound bag of gravel and let my ‘weight’ workout be unloading it.  I got about a third of this pathway completed and although it wasn’t as strenuous as the weights it was still ten or eleven wheelbarrows full.

I managed to fit a light run in after so it felt like I really got some exercise in, I am trying to remember it’s not the “finding time” but “making time” !

There was still enough light left when I got back to water the back yard.  It’s now dark so I am imagining Lori reading this in the morning in her email and walking out back to see it.  teee heee heee  (That is if I can NOT tell her tonight)

 photo(323) photo(322)  photo(324)

T minus 19 days , or something like that

We are just under three weeks away from the yard/estate sale.  Saturday we managed to get almost everything else sorted and into the appropriate stack or shed.  We have a full shed of yarn, sewing stuff and craft stuff.  Two sheds full of kitchen appliances.  A garage full of vacuums, lamps, tools, and lots of miscellaneous items like 60 or so square dancing dresses.

This weekend starts the tagging, pricing, tagging, pricing, tagging…… you get the idea.  Lori has lined up some of her friends to help on the actual yard sale weekend and she will be running some advertisements in the local newspaper.

Besides selling these items and clearing them out, we are most excited to get to the flooring, painting and fixing up part of this endeavor.


One rogue cucumber

Just a few days without watching the garden and all crazy happened.


So this is the current garden.  There are volumes of what could be written about the amount of tomatoes we have and are eating at. every. single. meal.  But this is a story about the cucumber plant, the single, only one plant cucumber.

The cucumber has now grown over my pepper plant and some strawberries.  There are hundreds of little cucumbers.  They don’t seem to be growing.


Yesterday when I was watering I happened to notice one in the leaves.  It was bigger and I thought “Oh good they are starting to grow” all of the others are still small, like the one in front of this what turned out to be a monster of a cucumber.


When all the others are an inch to maybe two inches long and barely the diameter of a pencil, this rogue cucumber is over a FOOT long.  When did this happen, how did it happen and a general WTF!


Family / Project week

What a week, we are home now, over heating and exhausted.

We headed North with lots of plans for projects and visiting.  As usual things get sidelined but we were still able to get a lot accomplished.

IMG_6888We were not able to stain the deck or paint the house.  We ended up with far more family at the house then we first planned so those things had to be put on hold.  My niece, her partner and their son flew in from Philadelphia.  It just wasn’t feasible to not have the deck available or that much going on with a two-year old running around.  I did pick up the stain for the deck, Della and Dale will be tackling that once everyone has left.

We ended up having a four day BBQ but were still able to get some other projects done around the house.  One of the things we did was take down a fence that was no longer needed.  We reused some of the fence panels to build a new planter for the fig tree that had completely outgrown the whiskey barrel it had been in.  I am sure the poor thing will go into shock after it took a sledge-hammer to get it out of the barrel.

We also took out a diseased nectarine tree and trimmed up a bunch of other trees that needed some trimming.

Luckily Dale and Della have taken such good care we were able to do some fun projects and not spend the entire trip catching up on things.


photo(317) photo(316) photo(315) photo(314)

Besides these projects and family we also did get in bit of visiting.  We had dinner with Tonya and Briana, we had coffee with Linda and I went over and saw John.  I was also able to visit with Katherine but not in the fun carefree way we had planned as she had to have surgery on Monday and so most of our time together was visiting in the hospital.  The entire family was in town except Turaeza and the kids and I had two great nephews there and one was only 3 months old.  The weather cooperated for some swimming, lots of bar-b-queing and mostly hanging around on the deck.

IMG_7711 IMG_0122 IMG_0078 IMG_4502


My sister has been kicking the weeds butts right out of the yard.  She finished the back flower bed that had completely overgrown and now she has circled back around to the front yard to get what has grown since she finished it before the great de-bugging debacle.


The pool has been all balanced and cleaned and they are already swimming thanks to all the work from my brother.

At this rate when we are home next week we will be able to focus on staining the deck and possible painting the house and be able to fit some actual visiting in instead of the whole time weeding!



Summer officially started this weekend, the calendar even said so.

CAM00251We were in the triple digits up in Calimesa working on Saturday. While we were working away I got a text from Della, the girls were down to spend the weekend and were in the pool.  Boy did it look refreshing as we were sweating away taking things out to the shed as we sorted and boxed them.  But we did get a lot done before leaving for the auction to watch the process and people again.  It was a different crowd and definitely different items.  They had a lot from a toy collector as there were tons of antique fire tricks and trains.  It was good to see a whole different outcome and there were some beautiful pieces that went for far less than they were worth because the bidders were just not there.

Sunday after breakfast out on the patio, we hung out in our yard for the day.  Lori pulled out all of the ripe tomatoes from the middle of the plant.  There was so much foliage it was hard to see them all.  I had picked a handful a few days ago and we had already eaten those.  With the yellow pear, the cherry tomato and one roma plant I don’t think I will be purchasing a tomato for the rest of the Summer even though it just technically just started.

I really should have taken a photo of the yellow pear plant, it is currently taller than me.






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