Christmas plans

We were planning on driving up to Seattle and leaving a vehicle there at Christmas and then flying home.  However all of our vehicles are kind of up in the air right now.  Lori needs something new and more fuel-efficient, the van we haven’t even checked out yet and my truck….well I don’t think it would make the journey.

Since we are eight weeks out we decided to just buy tickets and fly both ways.  All I can say is damn, airfare is ridiculous.

We are flying up on Friday, December 19 (Della’s birthday) after work. We leave Sunday the 28th in the morning.

I want to see everyone while we are there, Katherine, Linda, Briana & Tonya, Diane, Shelly, John, Sam & Leslie, Char and Dave, Albert & Allison, my family (some are flying in) and I am hoping Beth is driving through to see her brother and I get to see her too (hint hint.)

However after the price of the tickets we will not be renting a car, I am sure Della will let me borrow hers once in a while but if I make plans with you, chances are I’ll need a ride…..this is just the fair warning.  :)

Hope to see you all in December.


Done and Done

Things always work out. Sometimes they just work out better than other times.

I was so excited/nervous/scared last night that I did not sleep well. I woke up several times before the 4:00 am alarm and should have just gotten up at 3:08 when I was fully awake instead of trying to sleep for another 50 minutes.

We got up at 4:00 dressed put on the new shoes, grabbed a banana and almond butter and some trail mix for my gear bag. We were meeting Mark at the train at 4:45. We left the house and got to the park and ride, it is not far. We bought our tickets and there was still no Mark. Nor were there any other people, or trains.

We waited and waited and decided to leave at 5:15 and just drive in because we had not idea what was going on. Once we headed out we got a text from Mark that he was on the train. (?) I was frustrated and as we drove into the city we figured out we were at the wrong train station. Lori dropped me off as I was getting the text from Mark that he was now on the connecting train.  Lori drove back to our neighborhood and to the correct train station and took the two trains in.

The race was already starting when she got there but we were in corral 17 so we had thirty minutes or so before we would be at the start. Lori found a spot there and photographed us as we passed her and I tossed her my sweatshirt so I wouldn’t have to carry it or wear it for the next 13 miles.

IMG_0376Mark and I have a very similar pace, however he is much taller. Much! Because of this I started too fast and by the time we were three miles in I told him not to wait for me because I was slower than him. He really didn’t speed up, instead I dropped to my usual pace and I could tell from our footfalls we were at the same pace but each of his strides puts him a foot ahead of me.

My shoes were okay. They are definitely comfortable but day one being a thirteen mile day was not the best. I did end up with two small blisters. More detrimental was the difference in how my foot sits in the shoe and therefore my muscles were working differently.

I ended up running and holding on to my right glute/hamstring area because it was just cramping. There was also not enough arch support, which again is why I always end back in Nike for running shoes.

I finished at 3:10 and except for the small blisters was feeling pretty good. Mark was waiting for me and we took our winners photo together. Lori was there cheering us on and we quickly headed for the train and rode the two back together to our cars.

I was home just after noon and was able to see the SeaHawks pull off the win. Then I showered my sweaty self and we went out to lunch and then picked up some cactus for the front yard and got those planted in the front, we are trying to keep the kids from kicking our rocks all over with bikes and skateboards.

I am tired though, not a lot of sleep last night. I am guessing I will have no trouble sleeping tonight.

New Shoes

Don’t run a marathon in brand new shoes…….or so I’ve heard.

IMG_1836 I bought new Air Max shoes in August.  Giving me time to break them in before the marathon and still having low mileage on them so they have lots of support for the run.

Sometime on my long run last Sunday or the two runs I had this week the gel in my right shoe popped, or sprung a leak or somehow lost all the pressure.  It was feeling weird on my run Thursday but I didn’t really think anything of it.

I discovered the “flat tire” this morning.  Just before leaving to go downtown and sign up for the run tomorrow.

Because I can’t run in these and will be returning them.  I bought a ridiculously expensive brand new pair of Hoka shoes today at the expo.  Then I wore them all day around the expo, Costco and Trader Joes in an effort to “break them in” by tomorrow.

IMG_1837Mark, the man I’m running this thing with, guarantees me these are the shit.  That they are well cushioned and he would bring mole skin and blister stuff just in case.

I am a diehard Nike girl.  I have tried other types but always come back to Nike for running.  It is just an added bonus that the Nike chip in the shoe will talk to my iPod or iPhone and give me data on my runs.  There is nothing more motivating to me then the data.  I don’t know how or if I’ll be able to put the chip in these new shoes but I am running 13 miles in brand new shoes tomorrow.

We are meeting at the train station at 4:45 tomorrow morning.  If all goes well the shoes will be perfect and I will done and back on the train and home in time to lay on the couch for the afternoon football games.



A friend asked tonight what I was up to, I told her Work, Working out and Working on the house…..see the trend there, hence my oh so clever (I have no creativity left) title I have there.

Work last week was extremely busy and I pulled several rabbits out of my hat.  However I have a new Dr starting at one of the buildings tomorrow and my printer is down so the signage I was going to put up on Friday night is not done.   At one point earlier in the year I had twenty-two projects on my desk and I realistically have five right now.   That could change by tomorrow however.  Our new fiscal year just started and we will not have the budget this year for as many projects as we are way down in revenue this year.  But things like signage never really stop.  There are always changes and additions and retirements, maybe just not as many remodel projects this year.

We worked on the desert house yesterday.  We got the last bedroom painted and started scrubbing the kitchen.  It was a slower progress day but progress was made.

Sunday has been my long run day.  Next Sunday is the half marathon so there will only be a couple more small runs this week along with some gym time.  Today I headed out and set my Nike plus app on for a two-hour run.  I headed in the direction I usually start and then decided I wanted to see this little park I often drive by when I am going from one hospital to the other.  So I headed off in that direction.  Once I got there it was very lovely I ran around the two small lakes, or large ponds….???  There were so many birds.  Geese, ducks, cormorants and a pelican.  I paused the app so I wouldn’t lose any time and took a couple of pictures.  Then headed off to keep running.  I thought I would be at about two hours when I turned onto our block but a quick peak had me only at an hour and forty-seven minutes and at just under nine miles, so I ran past the house and then spent the next ten minutes running around the block and then walking off the last four minutes.  Next week will be thirteen miles and although I haven’t put in that long of a run, I feel pretty good about the progress I’ve made.

Besides the running I get to find places like this Wilderness Park.  There are not a lot of fresh bodies of water in our neighborhood but I was still quite surprised by all the birds.

IMG_1832 IMG_1830 IMG_1829


Remodel Update

We didn’t have as much painting time this weekend as we usually do.  We had dinner plans back in Huntington Beach at 5:45 so we had to leave to drive back at 3:30.  We quit painting at 3:00 and took a quick shower and headed out.

The timing we did have worked out however.  We painted for six hours, we finished the bedroom that we had started a couple of weeks ago.  We did another complete bedroom and the dining room.  The 5 gallon bucket of paint, the last wall we were working on and the time we had to paint all came to an end at the same time.

IMG_1819 IMG_1817

We have one more bedroom to paint next weekend.  Then the three bathrooms, laundry room and the kitchen.  Lots of stuff to follow after that.  We have ceiling fans to replace, hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms.  We also have the entire studio attached to the garage to re-do and we haven’t even started anything out there.

This weekend we also talked ourselves right out of doing the floors.  We viewed some videos and agreed we could put in the laminate flooring.  Then this weekend, we talked ourselves right back out of it.  We will be hiring someone to install the floor, it is the last thing to go in so we have lots of time to get the flooring picked out and priced.


space cadet

Menopause has some strange symptoms.  One that I have heard from friends is the spacey-ness.

There are so many symptoms and like all the I am experiencing (hot flashes, headaches, night sweats, itchy skin, mood swings, sleep disorders, dizziness, weight gain, bloating and irritability) they fluctuate with the hormone levels but on Friday I had a heavy dose of “difficulty concentrating”.

I was a complete space cadet.  In fact I shouldn’t have been driving.  I didn’t run any red lights or stop signs, but I nearly ran two stop signs.  I also almost ran right into the back-end of a mini van that stopped for a school bus (I hadn’t seen the bus).  I drove right past the driveway for work.  I dropped my just purchased tea in the parking lot at Starbucks.  I talked to myself all day while driving, mostly saying “Oh my God, what is my problem.”  I drove right past the street I turn on to go home because I was so busy watching the asphalt chewer grinding up and spitting out the road and the asphalt coming off the conveyor into lined up dump trucks.

But the topper was when I went back to work in the evening to pick up drawings I needed for Monday.  I unlocked the door, turned off the alarm, unlocked the door into the office and went in and printed my floor plans.  While the printer was warming up I dashed back into the hall to use the restroom, came out and found myself locked into the entry way.  No keys, my two cell phones on my desk.  I was locked into a little 4×8 foot room.  I could go outside but I would be locked out completely.  Luckily there is a phone on the wall, I called the office right on the other side of the door and left a message because I knew it would page my boss and the two managers.  I did not however leave the extension to the phone on the wall.

Then it hit me to call security.  I phoned the operator who transferred me and I tried to explain my plight.  The guard asked me how this was even possible.  While I waited for him to show up to unlock the hall door, I could hear different extension ringing in the office as my boss tried to guess the one in the hall.  When the one in the hall finally rang and I told them I had called security everyone had a good laugh.

At least twelve times on Friday I said out loud “What is my problem”  I am just so thankful that it did not carry into Saturday because that would not have been good for the day of painting.


My hip hurts today.  Actually it hurts less today than yesterday.  My middle finger on my left hand I think is getting some arthritis.  Today when my boss told me I had to get used to the fact that our office was a river and I needed to “go with the flow”, I told her I was swimming upstream as fast as possible but with all of the snags under the surface I was taking on water.  She thought I was clever and had no idea I was serious.

Between 5:30 this morning and 8:00 when I punched in I had 47 new emails, 42 of them from my boss with conflicting directions.  Good Times.

However I have a job, am able-bodied and my life is blessed.  I am able to go for a run (tonight’s was great by the way – it helped to get rid of the work day.)  I have been texting with my dear friend Albert and his wife Allison has been in and out of the hospital with severe nerve pain all year.  She has been in more than out for the last couple weeks.  This is a nerve that they have removed, cut, zapped with radiation but it continues to cause excruciating pain.  Today she had been pain-free for 18 hours and they were discharging her.  Allison has MS, I have blogged about her before a couple times. Her incredible spirit and drive are incredible.  I am able to run when my darling beautiful friend is confined to a wheelchair.I am also quite healthy.  Yes I now have medical and dental insurance and have for ten months now.  No I haven’t gone to the doctor yet but I did recently ask for recommendation.  Well except for my increased acne because of menopause and hot flashes and mood swings and and and….  my friend Vivian suffered a seizure while on vacation in Georgia with her mom and sister.  She ended up spending several days in the hospital and left with a staff infection.These dear friends with daily challenges remind me no matter how tough work is or that I slept a total of two hours out of the seven I was in bed because of hot flashes, my life is pretty easy.  I am so glad your home Allison.  Here is to lots of pain free days.  I Love you.


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